294 ♣ Psychology Homework

The information proccessing approach likens human processing to that of a computer, with the focus on the cognitive processes such as perception, attention and memory. The information proccessing approach to cognitive development is sometimes described as a Neo-Piagetian approach because it specifies key changes in the way informtion is processed as children develop. However, information processing theoriest differ from Piaget in that they do not agree that these changes reflect qualitatively different stages in the way that children think. Instead they see these changes as quantitiative ones that lead to increased efficiency which affects the way children appoach cognitive tasks.

Research the work of i) Bee (1997) and ii) Flavell et al (1966) - memory enhancing strategies and be able to teach it to the class.

Research the work of Siegler (1976) into problem solving strategies and be able to teach it to the class.


292 ♣ Reviews, Boredom and To Do List


Let's take stock...
I have officially joined Twitter! Yay! Not. I succumbed, even after slating it for weeks and months, I am now an officially twit. Go figure on that. I appear under RiRayner I think it is, so if you want to add me, go crazy and do it. I think I'll create another one for my fanfiction - to provide updates on when I can actually get my brain around posting new chapters and new work. 

Let me see. What else... I got a really weird review the other day, which I'm going to reply and I have had it with all people who cannot spell. I'm not talking one or two little spelling errors here and there. It's hard to catch it all and it's even harder when you're typing at speed on a website that's maybe not got the best fonts. I'm talking at the people who don't know the meaning of punctuation, who can't use any form of grammar and who think I should take illiterate as a third language. I don't have time to sit there for forty minutes deciphering what is essentially, a huge wall-o-text with all the properties of the language of a two year old.

Example: this was a review that was dropped on my story:

i like dis storee, but it could be beter thou if u ad more cqhis and wyat!!11!!!1!!1

Translation: I like this story, but it could be better if you added more Chris and Wyatt...

Which one was easier to read? I don't have time to sit and patiently go through each and every sentence working out what they say. I'm on a deadline here... My poor story... I don't think it's recovered yet from the six reviews that got dropped on it yesterday all pretty much the same as the one above.

In other news, Rebecca. I'm going to not say anything else, but oh god. The loaded word is there. Rebecca...

Also in other news. I have been quite productive on the fanfiction front but that's slightly annoying because I have revision to do, and I hate it. Blergh. It's called procrastination. I do it well.

I have to go to Psychology now, but I also have to remember to find my Othello and bring that back in tomorrow, to read through Curious Incident, tidy my room tonight and to start some revision for Sociology. Joys of joy...

291 ♣ Why? Just....Why?

Yesterday at just after ten at night, I decided to upgrade Mozilla T-Bird, and start organising my folders since it was obvious I wouldn't get it back when my T-Bird crapped out and lost everything.

So, like a good little slave to the corporation, that's what I do.

That's exactly what I do.

So then we have our first problem. I can only have a selection of emails but from many different sources and dates! I fix it but only after messing around with many switches and buttons and clicky things.

So now, it's almost eleven. So I think it won't take very long to just redownload all my emails and I'll forgo sorting them tonight.

Two fucking hours later it finally finishes downloading over ten thousand new emails.

Never again. Never again, ever.

Eye, green

290 ♣ Prophecy of the Inbox? Or Just Coincidence?

Today I had a bizzare coincidence happen to me.

In English we studied Browning's poems "The Patriot" and "Porphyria's Lover".

I get Classic Poems delivered to my email inbox at just around ten o'clock in the morning. My english lesson is starts at quarter to eleven. Free emails of classic poems of various cultures is nothing to sneer at but I had left three hours before it arrived in my inbox. .

Today I got two. "The Patriot." and "Porphyria's Lover."

I'm still confused at how the bloody hell they knew what I was about to study, before even my teacher did.

289 ♣ Sociology to English to Work for Nothing

Okay, so my Sociology teacher is finally coming back today - fingers crossed she'll have got over Malaria because quite frankly that would just be the crappiest end to my year EVER if she came back with it and gave it to me - she'll be teaching by tomorrow so hopefully I can go and pick up my ELT for Easter.

Blergh, I don't want to email her about it but I have to.

Or I get no ema, have to redo all the work after class and will generally be very miserable for a very long period of time.

So, all in all not bad just scary.

Also, I just have to go do this and also finish my essay on the Kite Runner. Poetry though today in English Literature,  so that should be alright - we're doing Hardy I think at the moment, and he is very depressing. His wife died after years of enstrangement and he chooses then to get back into her by writing poetry. Not a positive sign ladies! Hardy, I have one tip for you - you should have stuck to being an Architect - you suck rather badly at writing nice poetry.

Anyway, my list of things to do include the following -

- the gapped essay on ethnicity mentioned above
- the information on the four sociologists (which was set in Monday/Tuesday lessons this week - Wright, Mirza etc)
- your notes on ethnicity and achievement from last week; patterns of achievement for particular ethnic groups, internal and external factors (you will need to explain, not just list) and the work of 3 sociologists on this area.
- your 2-3 newspaper articles for your scrapbooks, ANNOTATED, linking it with sociological ideas. For instance "This article is showing that....which supports such and such's idea that..."
- your Easter ELT (completed revision activities on hand-out and proof of revision over Easter of a different mini-topic)
- Essay on the Kite Runner.
- Hand in application form for BHF
- Redownload and sort emails
- Retag all journal entries
- Repaint the one awkward nail that refuses to spontaneously dry and insists on leaving me hanging out to dry. (Pun not intended)

288 ♣ Two Painted Hands - One Purple, One Moonlight

Today I learnt my grandmother is going to die. She is dying right here right now. She has cancer, fell and broke her hip today and the doctors aren't hopeful - they told my father that they're cautious and they won't take any risks at all.

After all, a painfree life should end that way, right?

And my father told me not so subtly that if I wanted to see her before the coffin, maybe I should come up next weekend.

On the plus side... I have proof that God hates my family.

284 ♣ Goddamn Little Shit....

You Presumptive Little Git

You do not get to plug and unplug cables from the back of my computer.

You do not get to leave the loo seat up and not bother cleaning off the droplets of urine on the seats

You do not get to not flush the toilet.

You do not need to get steal stuff from me