November 21st, 2008


Here we go again~! A friendship quiz thing~

Right. Now my computer has stopped BEING STUPID and has given me back the use of my RETURN key, then I shall proceed to WOW you once again, with my utterly thrilling posts. And really. I shall....Not...

Okay, moving on. Cirrus was good enough to give me the questions to the friends meme that's probably YONKS old, but I'm the Ri~ and I do things slowly and usually a lot later than everyone else.

So here we are...The answers~.

1. Meh, Jessica - old friend from where I used to live.

2. If I had to call it, it would be Bek. Because she's just that permanent~

3.Hmm...I wouldn't mind changing places with Ecchi for her parents and her just generally lifestyle...Or Bek. For her life and having younger siblings and just...something that she has.

4. Oh that is Juliette. Because she would.

5. Nicola when she puts her mind to it. Or Emily. Or Ecchi....-could go on forever...-

6. Ummm...Lett probably~

7. Again, Jess.

8. Arylett because we just would CLICK and we'd be able to open another Ri~Lett Love Box and it would just be awesomely cool~

9. Lett. Been there done that, haven't we~

10. Bek if she was ready. She'd just take to it. I can feel it~

11. Oh yes, Bek. We know all about that...

12. ...I have no idea.

13. ...Da hell you on about? I know no big shots. I deal with small fry.

14. Well, I don't know anyone who is gender absolute

15. Aside from the boy who plays Jack in the 1990s LoTFs being put in a skirt because he totally belongs in one and I'd pay money to be the one to put him in it? Um...I'd love to see Ecchi in male clothes, because it would be just...-drops dead of laughter just thinking about it-

16. I don't know...Haven't seen much of it from many of my friends. Most of them act like teenagers (like they should and I do as well~)

17. Same...If it was pushed, I would pick Bek and Lett~ because they have their moments. But so we all....Hmm....

18. Jessica. Complete princess in a good way~ And I have someone who's a QUEEN OF SOMEWHERE TOO~ Queen LETT~

19. Bek is when she chooses, and so is Juliette and Elizabeth.

20. Arylett~ Just because she does. You'd have to know her to know why~

21. WILD!Lett doesn't count? Umm....No-one really. They're all a bit too nice...

22. Bek. Hands down mate. And Lett too~ Sorry....

23. Juliette. And Ecchi. And occasionally not them. Slave drivers the pair of 'em...-snackers-

24. Bek if I betrayed her, Juliette if I crossed her AT ALL, Ecchi if she was in bad enough mood and Arylett if she was so inclined and I'd done something AWFUL.

25. None of them. Except Jess maybe... have never seen her in action...

26. NONE of them. Is straight. My friends are female. I'm female. Work it out duckies.

27. Bek and Lett. No holding back when you feel like it.

28. All of them except Jess.

29. Oh I don't know...Aside from Orlando Bloom...What do you mean he's already got someone? Is he willing to dump her...Oh. Damnit...It has to be one of my friends?...Umm....MAYBE Bek, if it was just like a COFFEE date and not romantic. And I'd never ever ever love her like that. Because that? That is just...creepy. Like wrongness creepy. Like  small bug creepy. Which is very creepy. And ick. And gross. She's like the little sister/twin sister I never had...


And there we go~