February 10th, 2009


Bloody Hell...

Ergh. It is very very rare that I have a day that I can call completely unproductive (usually at least one lesson/hour/fanfiction/posting/review makes it worth it) and yet today is one of those days.

I just....ARGH! Could really have done with staying at home doing coursework until I'm dead and blue in the face. Seriously. Me. Coursework. Want to do it. Is the world ending, I hear you ask? Err...No. Though it would be a fitting end to today, I feel.


Technology - there was a video on Cumberland Pie for the first hour and then we did an hour of coursework. Because Cumberland pie is so much more important isn't it?

Science - two pancake faces just decide to be complete and utter cows and think that they can get away with making the class weirdo do it all. Hello? I'm not one of your little groupies. I'm a fully minded, plain thinking, person who possesses a fully functioning brain unlike the pancake faces who barely seem to possess a single cell between any of them (and considering there's like...fifty of them in my year that really isn't saying much.)

Pancake one: So, like....you know what you're doing?

Me: I do.

Pancake two: So yeah...You get one wit' (pronouced like bad gangsters 'wit') it, yeah?

Me: No. -goes to get own equipment.- I'm quite happy working on my own, thank you very much.

Pancake one: Oh, you bitch!

Then they decide they're going to take revenge by throwing...slime. Yes, you read that right. Slime. These people who claim to be the height of school sophistication can only retaliate to what they consider a slight on their honour by chucking slime. God, it makes you afraid for the future, it really does. Then one of them (couldn't tell them apart - never can with pancake faces - they're all the same underneath, just peel off the masks first) thought it would be hysterical to stick my work sheet to the desk with PVA . The follow conversation happened. 

Me: Oh bloody hell. How stupid...

Pancake One: Oh my God! Are you callin' me, like...stupid?

Me: (If I was, would you like...understand?) No. I'm not. I called the act of sticking another student's work to the desk in petty revenge stupid...

Pancake One: I, like, got a fuckin' B in English on my last coursework! So, like, yeah, what did you get?

Me: A* -said with just the right amount of politeness to really make it 'I'm shoving this in your face because I'm just that much better than you...' but they can't tell you off for it.-

Pancake two: Well...you're like....a fucking slag, yeah!

Me: (...like...no...Because of course I look like I've come in off a hard night spreading my legs for the many nameless men I met on the streets who pay me for a quick fuck. Yeah. I so look like that. In fact, looking at you might be me looking into a mirror...or not. You look like it more than me  Miss, I  want to be pregnant at seventeen.) I mean, if you were so smart, then you'd obviously be able to understand that I called the act stupid not you. (unless you're telepathic?) 

Pancake one: But, I'm like...askin' you....Are you calling me stupid?

Me: (I wonder what would happen if I say yes?) If you cared to listen, I called the act , not you stupid, Miss I-got-a-B....

Pancake one: Well, I'm so much, like, better than you... 

Me:....o.o' ...-goes back to doing work-

Pancakes one & two: -throws slime at the person who dares to ignore them in all their painted lady glory.-

Me: Oh...for bloody hell's sake...-ignores them-


And then they proceeded to spend the next few hours pelting me with rubber, comments about the state of my weight, and how lame I was. And how pathetic and stupid because I wouldn't do their work. And of course, I was to blame.


I wish I'd spent the day here.

I could have done coursework...


Ten Years Is All I Need...

Seriously, I fear for this country's future if people like that think that they're going to be any good at all.

They think that someone who doesn't wear make-up and who chooses not to carry a handbag instead of a school bag, is never going to anywhere in life. They think that the person who pays attention in lessons is a freak and the girl who sits at the front of the class is an accident waiting to happen. They think the boyfriend they have now, will be nearly identical to the boy they have in the future. They think that the sex they have now, will never be better than the sex they have twenty years in the future. They think the face that belongs to someone who chooses not to wear excessive make-up and stupid hairstyles and lame shoes is going to be begging on the street. The girls who read books over magazines are just plain stupid and as for those who choose to be nice and kind to others, well they're just plain dumb. The girl who's got a different colour skin is a illegal Iraqi come over here to destroy us, and well, the girl who's overweight is a heifer who is just stupid and clearly simple-minded and can't hear the whispers behind her back.

That person, that girl, is going to one day be the head of the company that buys your pathetic little salon that you work in because it's the only place that'll take you with the qualifications that you have and that girl will be the one who turns you out on your ear without a dime. That's the girl who you said was a freak standing at the head of the English Government ushering the Golden Age while you stand in the line at the jobseekers office, five pounds to your name when you're lucky. That's the boy you said was stupid for paying attention in class, treating you now with the pioneering new treatment he invented after ten years of hard research and toughing it out when the going got tough , when you've given themselves cancer that you got smoking cigarettes outside the school gates because you thought you were cool. That's the girl you're serving in the store, who's now a successful judge, who earns six figures and still has a loving home and family while you're on minimum wage, working two jobs, six months pregnant with two more at home and none of them love you. That's the girl on the television, collecting her Nobel prize for Peacekeeping that you said was a weirdo because she choose to ignore you rather than play your game; and now you can't keep the peace between you and your lovers who march in and out the door with ever increasing regularity. That's the boy you said was ugly and freaky, on the cover of Vogue and Ford looking perfectly pleasing without airbrushing while you're overweight, laden down with three kids and a buggy and look like a woman on the edge. The boy who you said would never be anything good, is now the lead in the hit musical you've seen so many posters for but you don't have the money for food, but you do have the money to go and buy some cigarettes for you to smoke and to poison your kids with.

That's who they will be and who you will be.

Thirty years from now it won't matter what shoes you wore, how your hair looked, or the jeans you bought.
It won't matter what brand of cigarettes you smoked, what was your Be-Bo account name was. It won't matter how many friends you had on MSN or how many boyfriends you had.

What will matter is what you learned and how you used it. 

Because that...is all that matters.

All I need is ten years.

Ten years and the world order that I have to endure will be reversed. I'm not being strange or stupid. One day, you stupid little people who don't know what it's like to stand at the top of a building and know that the only reason you're not jumping off it is because you have too many responsibilities, you silly little girls and boys who don't know what it's like to hurt and have to keep on smiling.

All the times I have suffered under your words, all the times you've made go home and contemplate ending it all, and all the times you've made me so angry that if I'd had a knife I'd have stabbed you, all the times I have endured your taunts and your perfect world attitudes. All the times I have been made to feel worthless, all the times you've torn apart everything I've done, everything I've been and am. All the times you've made me feel like a fool, and all the times you've made me question what is right....

All the times you've hurt my friends. Laughed at us, called us names, stood there and thought yourselves better than us.

Those times are not forgotten. They are not forgiven.

I will relish how I make you pay for what you've done to me and my friends. My kind if you want to call it that. I'll enjoy bringing you back down to size, opening your eyes onto the life that I have endured from you. I'll enjoy that, I know I will. 

I'll be waiting...


Your rainbow is strongly shaded brown and indigo.


What is says about you: You are a deep thinking person. You appreciate cities, technology, and other great things people have created. You feel closer to people when you understand their imperfections. Friends count on you for being honest and insightful.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.
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Name: Rebecca
Date: 2/10/2009
Colorgenics Number: 17203654


At this time you are feeling 'uptight' and you are urgently in need of rest and relaxation; but perhaps even more than that you need to overcome that feeling that you have been 'hard done by' and treated with a complete lack of consideration. Maybe you have, but whatever may have been the cause of your inherent anxiety, you regard the situation as intolerable. Your are, however, sufficiently competent to turn that situation around - you have overcome similar problems in the past, and really this one isn't too different.

You are a fighter and always on the defensive. You always need to be sure that your position is safe and established. When you finally make a decision you will pursue it to the bitter end in spite of all opposition.

You are confined and trapped in a distressing or uncomfortable situation and seeking some way out. Whatever you seem to do to resolve the problem hasn't worked out. Fortunately you are able to gain some aspect of relief from someone close to you.

For some time now your hopes and expectations have been denied and because of this you are becoming withdrawn and introverted. Continual disappointment has manifested itself in you becoming both suspicious and restrained you have become withdrawn from others and have receded more and more into yourself. You seem to have lost your innate enthusiasm and imaginative nature, for fear that you may be carried away by it only to find that you are wasting your time. You are loath to trust people, as in the past your trust has been misplaced. You seem to be keeping yourself cautiously aloof from others. At this moment in time your attitude is to trust nobody - until they can prove themselves to you.

Since in the recent past all of your hopes and aspirations have been denied you, you are now convinced that the future will hold nothing but anxiety so therefore 'why bother?' You would love to get away from it all, to escape from the trials and tribulations of this mundane existence and fall into a peaceful and harmonious relationship, which will protect you from the lack of appreciation and give you the chance to start afresh.


Traditional, Vibrant, and Tasteful

Traditional, Vibrant, and Tasteful

2 Islamic, 1 Impressionist, -13 Ukiyo-e, -11 Cubist, 2 Abstract and -13 Renaissance!

Traditional,  Vibrant, and Tasteful

Islamic art is developed from many sources: Roman, Early Christian, and Byzantine styles were taken over in early Islamic architecture; the architecture and decorative art of pre-Islamic Persia was of paramount significance; Central Asian styles were brought in with various nomadic incursions; and  Chinese influences .  Islamic art uses many geometical floral or vegetable designs in a repetitive pattern known as arabesque.  It is used to symbolize the transcendent, indivisible and infinite nature of Allah.

People that like Islamic art tend to be more traditional people that appreciate keeping patterns that they learned and experienced from their past.  It is not to say that they are not innovative personalities, they just do not like to let go of their roots.  They like to put new ideas into details and make certain that they will work before sharing them with others.  Failure is not something they like to think about because they are more interested in being successful and appreciated for their intelligence.  These people can also be or like elaborate things in their life as long as they are tasteful.  They tend to prefer geometric patterns and vibrant colors.


Coursework List

Spider diagram of ideas


5 listed to trail and test


plan of work for trailling and testing


Product / Recipe / Adaption / Cost / Nutritional content / evaluation / photo


Chart to evaluate against design specification


Chart to analyse nutitional content of product


final design proposal





Development 1 + 2



recipe and changes


resons for changes


nutritional content


nutritional analysis











Final Product


recipe + changes made


reasons for changes




Reasons for ingredient choices




Manufactuering costs


manufactuering system


Equipment list + use


control system chart


Manufactuering implications


batch production


kitchen .v. large scale


scaled up recipe


sketch and annotation


product specification




flow chart for making


final packaging





Front cover - landscape/colour


- Name

- St George's College of Technology


- Food Technology



- Candidate number

- Centre Number - 26358

- Summer 2009




Evaluation against design specs and product spec - ?/10


Modifications of product  - evaluation / analysis in detail


Advertise / promotion of products


Questionnaire for target group of final product


Review of flow chart


Review of equipment and methods used to make final product. 

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