February 13th, 2009


Walking Thoughts~

....When should I think about these other than when I'm not thinking about coursework?

Let's see....First things first,  I had a little tink tank about what I should do with my holiday. And my mind just blew me away with the following suggestion which was promptly resounded by the teachers - COURSEWORK!

Aside from the thought, 'oh fuck it, my mind's turning into Mrs Lowder/Mrs Roberts'...I thought actually I could make a move on it...

So me being a list-y sort of person, made guess what...

Yep, that's right! Nothin- No. A list.

New chapter for BSP

New Chapter for WACIB

New Chapter for BwG

New Chapter for P

New Chapter for Host Club

Review five stories

Add five to favourites

Review White rose of WuTai

And like....read a bunch more....


And since I've got a whole week...might as well start on the old coursework....

Write up a timetable for work to do this holiday

 You must include the following –



-          food tech coursework


-          Spanish questions to finish

-          Typing up Spanish presentation

-          Geography coursework




 Case Studies

Call Nicola and ask about coursework help sheets

And other than that, I plan to do bugger all as is my want....