February 16th, 2009


Fruiendienshipzen Wuiz.~ Two-point-Two!

Well, I found this again, and then an old friend's version, and so I decided to do it again. Here it is!

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  1. Um....No-one at the moment to be honest. We keeps to small circles now we are older and wiser...Well some of us are
  2. Bekka, and Jess,  and Arylett (six months LETT! ) and...Elizabeth and Juliette as well...hmm...Most of my friends.
  3. Oh God. Elizabeth for her parents, Rebecca for her siblings and family, Juliette...for something I can't describe, Arylett for her life and her ways and Jessica for her moneys and stuff....
  4. Um...Right now? Most like Juliette because she'd stand up for THE CAUSE!
  5. Arylett....and Rebecca. And Elizabeth when she gets going!
  6. Arylett, and Rebecca.
  7. None of my friends are that terrifically popular I'm afraid.
  8. Umm...I do go to school with most of my friends...Arylett I suppose (partly out of default and partly because if I really went to school with her it would just be AWESOMELY COOL!)
  9. Arylett. We've been there done that, bought the dark rings home. Well...what else can you say about it tan that...~ And Probably Rebecca. Because we just wouldn't notice the time.
  10. Bekka. She's like...KID! MINE NOW! I'd be a nightmare with them...
  11. Bekka. We all KNOW ABOUT THAT , DON'T WE? Ahem. And...that's it for that one I suppose...
  12. Ummm...Juliette will be when she grows up...and we're all beautiful inside. -has learnt the not so subtle art of diplomacy over the art of being blunt-.
  13. Bugger off. Unlike I said before - me BIG SHOT. Like I said before, I deal with small fry. I knows no celebrities. Other than the foul mouthed brats at school who could give Campbell a run for her money in being obnoxious and rude.
  14. Ummm...Not especially anyone either way. Though Rebecca as a man is like....-SNARFS SO LOUDLY- and Juliette as a man is like....'God Hates Me' (because with a little personality bent, she'd most likely be the kind of guy I'd like OH MY GOD THAT WOULD BE SO HARD TO EXPLAIN and JUST WEIRDNESS IN LIKE EXTREME!) and Elizabeth as a man is like.....-broken brain- and Arylett as a man is like....-bored expression-. Me as a man is like..."What's the point? I can read, eat what I like, wear what I like and get rid of the monthly. Yes, I AM HE-MAN!"
  15. Elizabeth because it would be like....-dead of laughter- as well. Rebecca would be like oh so much fun because then she could just be like mixed clothing choices (I personally think she'd look nice in a baggy hoodie, t-shirt and skate shoes with jeans. Kinda like a cross between male and female clothing... but hey...who cares...) and as for Juliette....She'd stab me if I suggested it. And Aryett...She's like...just no. Female clothing for you, my dear.
  16. Umm...Not any of my friends.
  17. Bekki, and Arylett. And Juliette at times, and occasionally Elizabeth.
  18. I have a friend from another country who is Queen of that country (Arylett), Advisor (Elizabeth), Court  Champion Knight (Juliette) and a Consort (Rebecca). We also have a High Ruler - ME! - But not a princess or a prince. Next question.
  19. I think other than me...I think it's Elizabeth. She's like... "DONE! DONE! DONE! "
  20. Arylett, Bekka, Juliette, Elizabeth, Me, James, Who else...
  21. Nobody. None of them are proper tops~
  22. Everyone else. Jesus, pushy bottoms yeah, not a top. None of those other than me. And I'm more of a switcher, Mostly top but sometimes bottom... What? It's nice to be taken care of...
  23. Juliette when she's annoyed, Elizabeth (or so she'd like to think). None really. Although both Rebecca and Arylett can really pull on the old heart strings.
  24. Juliette if I cross her, Elizabeth if I betrayed her or she thought I had done wrong, Rebecca if I hurt her or broke her heart, Arylett if I was evil to her and she felt like it was the right thing to do.
  25. None of my friends can do seduction. Neither can I but that's not under discussion here.
  26. Now, it's under discussion. I cannot seduce unless it involves a large amount of alcohol, a hot photographer and pasta.
  27. Rebecca and Arylett. Juliette is very reserved and Elizabeth...is not a person who gives it all to one person, I think.
  28. Rebecca because it would be...BWHAHAHAHAHA! And Juliette and Elizabeth because it would be like...OMG! Meeting characters (who are they?)
  29. Like I said before, Rebecca and a coffee date as friends? Lovely. Fine. I'll put it in my planner. Hell, I'll even go see a movie with her...But...I will never date one of my friends. A) They're either female or not my type - big turn offs for me. and B) Friends turn dates? Never works out.
  30. Juliette - You're my friend despite the fact you often don't seem to want to know me or so it seems - and I value our friendship as much as I value my life - because often, I feel you drifting away and I don't know whether you want the rope or not. I'll still chuck it out to you though - because I care for you just as much as everyone else. Rebecca - I love you as one of my oldest and best friends and I wish that to carry on into our old age and beyond (OMG! Kids of our growing up together! -imagines-).I'd like our friendship to keep on going because we are just us. I married you for pete's sake, even though at the time I married you for your money. Though I still love you. Elizabeth - inspite of my inepitude with Lj cuts and the like, I still value and hold our friendship close even though often I feel like I hardly know you and other times I feel like I've known you all my life - you paradoxical friend, you! Arylett - I've only know you just over six months but I feel as though I have known you far longer, and our friendship is well on its way to becoming a lifelong bond. I thank you all for your friendship.

After all...No man is an island - we are all interconnected and reliant on each other.