February 18th, 2009


The Massive Meme: My Answers~


- Your full name: Rebecca Jane Rayner

- Age: 16

- Height: Ummm...five five?

- Natural hair colour: Urgh. Blonde.

- (Only 300 more to go!) Eye colour: Blue.

- Number of siblings: ...One full...don't care to count halfsises.

- Glasses/contacts: Glasses. Or at least I'm meant to...

- Piercings: One in each ear.

- Tattoos: ...My mother would kill me....

- Braces: NO THANK GOD!


- Colour: Black at the moment.

- Band: Eh. Emilie Autumn and BoA and Rammstein at the moment.

- Song: Castlr Down/Mouska

- Stuffed animal: Umm...Tie.

- Video game: Um....I don't really but...MGS2

- TV show: Criminal Minds...Bones...CSI...Top Gear...DW/TW...Can't choose..

- Movie: Transformers at the moment.

- Book: Twilight and GoG

- Food: ...Food? WHERE? I'm liking chicken and cheese at the moment....

- Game on a cell phone: Don't have any

- CD cover: Not really

- Flower: Snowdrops

- Scent: Bluebells

- Animal: elephant

- Comic book/manga: TT

- Cereal: Chocolate puffs

- Website: ...FF.net and Aff.Net...You had to ask?

- Cartoon/anime: Bleach/TT


- Play an instrument?: Way back in the day I did...not really anymore

- Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?: ...Guilty as charged....

- Like to sing?: Yes. Though I can't much anymore...time takes me away from my former glory

- Have a job?: Not anymore...Need one soon

- Have a cell phone?: ...A MOBILE phone? Yes. Old but workable.

- Like to play sports?: ....Serious? No.

- Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Hahaha. No. Not if you paid me these days

- Have a crush on someone?: ...Maybe not.

- Live somewhere NOT in the united states?: YES! I LIVE IN ANGLOLAND

- Have more than 5 TVs in your house?: Nope. Just four. And one of them is broken

- Have any special talents/skills?: Em....Not especially other than the eating and annoying and writing things

- Like school?: Good enough

- Sing the alphabet backwards?: When I think about it

- Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes?: Stand on tip toes? Yes. Stand on the ends of my toes...no.

- Speak any other languages?: Lame-o French and Spanish

- Go a day without food?: Yes. But I don't like it.

- Stay up for more than 24 hours?: Same as above

- Read music, not just tabs?: Can't read music.


- Snuck out of the house?: Yeah. On three occasions....

- Cried to get out of trouble?: It's like a failsafe mechanism.

- Gotten lost in your city?: I am the Queen Of Being Lost

- Seen a shooting star?: Nope. Unless you count in movies or documentaries

- Been to any other countries besides the united states?: Yes. Australia, Grand Canaria, France,  Majorca.

- Stolen something important to someone else?: Umm...Who the hell comes up with these questions? (No)

- Solved a rubiks  cube?: Pah, whatever....No

- Gone out in public in your pyjamas?: Yes. I get the post like that, and put the bins out like that

- Cried over a girl?: Yes

- Cried over a boy?: ...Hell yes.

- Kissed a random stranger?: What am I? A whore?

- Hugged a random stranger?: ...See above?

- Been in a fist fight?: Um...Sibling fights, yeah.

- Been arrested?: ...No comment.

- Done drugs?: ....Legal ones, yeah. I pop pills all the time.

- Had alcohol?: Yes. Frequently.

- Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?: No. But I've done it with water and cola.

- Pushed all the buttons on an elevator?: Yes. It's a sin of mine.

- Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?: Often.

- Swore at your parents?: ...Yes...Quite a few times.

- Been to warped tour?: Never heard of it

- Kicked a guy where it hurts?: Once. Because I went to pre-school and he annoyed me.

- Been in love?: Twice. Once with Slade's VOICE.

- Been close to love?: Yes.

- Been to a casino?: Yes. Gotta love Dad.

- Ran over an animal and killed it?: No. But my mum has.

- Broken a bone?: Several. My leg and my arm and my nose, and some fingers and both little toes

- Gotten stitches?: Yes. My head for one...

- Had a water balloon fight in winter?: Yes. COLD

- Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour?: ....Do you know how much a gallon is?!

- Made homemade muffins?: Yes! Well...school made...

- Bitten someone?: Yes. And Been Bitten

- Been to Disneyland/Disneyworld?: No. Money making conniving thieves!

- More than 5 times?: ...SEE ABOVE

- Been to Niagara falls?: Why would I?

- Burped in someone’s face?: I'm not that gross

- Gotten the chicken pox?: When I was younger.


- Brushed your teeth: At three this afternoon.

- Went to the bathroom: Ten minutes ago...

- Saw A Movie In Theatres: last...summer I think?

- Read a book: While I waiting for my computer to stop WSoDing.

- Had a snow day: ...Four days this week and looks like tomorrow as well!

- Had a party: in December

- Had a slumber party: See above.

- Made fun of someone: Thirty seconds ago...

- Tripped in front of someone: Umm...Wednesday...Hot guy in car - think he goes to my school...and I fell flat on my ass on the ice in front of him. Way to impress, huh?

- Went to the grocery store: a few days ago.

- Got sick: Flu. A couple of weeks ago.

- Cursed: Ten seconds ago - at my computer. Frequent occurrence with me, I’m afraid.



- Fruit/vegetables: Fruit. Icky veg.

- Black/white: Black at the moment.

- Lights on/lights off: Lights off~ Sex in the dark~...Wasn't meant to say that was I?

- TV/movie: Movie. Most of the time.

- Car/truck: Car

- Body spray/lotion: Spray. No icky hands then.

- Cash/cheque: Cash in hand, baby!

- Pillows/blankets: Pillows if I'm tired, blankets if I'm cold.

- Headache/stomach ache: ...Why pick? Headache...

- Paint/charcoal: Paint. Messier!

- Chinese food/Mexican food: Mexican...SPICE!

- Summer/winter: Summer!

- Snow/rain: Snow!

- Fog/misty: Misty!

- Rock/rap: ROCK

- Meat/vegetarian: Meat! BABY MEAT!

- Boy/girl: ...BE A GIRL...WANT A BOY

- Chocolate/vanilla: Vanilla actually...

- Sprinkles/icing: Sprinkles, icing is too sweet

- Cake/pie: Cake, if it's not sickly.

- French toast/French fries: Toast

- Strawberries/blueberries: Strawberries and cream and just a sprinkle of sugar....mmm....

- Ocean/swimming pool: Ocean

- Hugs/kisses: Hugs...kisses WAY invasive

- Cookies/muffins: Cookies - warms...

- p33n/bewbz: Umm....NO SPEAK INTERNET!
- Wallet/pocket: Depends what I'm wearing ...usually pocket

- Window/door: What? to leave by? Then obviously a Window...

- Emo/Goth: Goth. Way cooler

- Pink/purple: Purple...UNOHANA!

- Cat/dog: Cat. Dur. I'm a cat lover!

- Long sleeve/short sleeve: What's the weather like? Usually long.

- Pants/shorts: Don't wear pants I'm a girl, I wear knickers. And I don't wear shorts. I'm not little anymore. 

- Winter break/spring break: ...I assume you mean holidays. Spring.

- Spring/autumn: Autumn - it's pretty

- Clouds/clear sky: Clear sky.

- Moon/Mars: Moon. It's closer.


- How many friends do you have?: Six. At the moment

- What are their names? Bekki, Juliette, Elizabeth, James, Arylett, Jessica.  

- Do you have a best friend?: Several. Bekki, Juliette, Elizabeth, Arylett.

- Have you ever liked one of your friends?: I like all them as friends...if that’s what you’re asking

- Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends?: More female friends

- Have you ever lost a friend?: Yes. Several times. Once even on purpose. In the shopping centre...in the cinema...in the house...

- Have you ever gone to an amusement park with a friend?: Yes

- What’s an inside joke between you and a friend?: Ummm...Keep the ships a secret, the EGG SANDWICH, Merlin pairing gestures...RI~LETT LOVE BOX – Nick the ever lasting horny blowjob...

- Have you ever gotten in a big argument with a friend?: Yes. Several times.

- What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for a friend?: Pah. Too many to count

- What’s the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you?: Been there for me when I needed them.

- Do you miss any of your old friends?: Yes.
- What friend have you known the longest?: Bekki’s known me six/seven years....Jess for my whole life....Both different.

- Do you regret anything you’ve done to a friend?: Yes. So so much.

- If so, what is it?: Can’t tell.

- How often do you spend time with your friends?: Most of them at least an hour a day.

- Do any of your friends drive?: No. We’re too young.

- Has a friend of yours ever died?: Not mine.

- What’s the dumbest thing you've done with a friend?: ...Miss Simpson’s class, y7 passing notes about giraffes. 

- What do you think your friends think of you?: Odd, slightly vacant, food obsessed, gay boy obsessed, crude, annoying...The list is endless

- Have you ever been in love?: Yes...And no.

- If you have, with who?: Fuck off.

- Are you single?: Yes. And apparently destined to remain so.

- Are you in a relationship?: ...No

- If so, for how long?: Not in one, dipshit

- Do you believe there is someone for everyone?: ...No. If there ain’t one for me, that kind of discounts the statement don’t it?

- What is your idea of the best date?: Nice, funny, cute, not afraid to try something...new~

- What was your first kiss like?: ...I don’t remember it.

- How old were you when you got your first kiss?: Pre-school age

- Do you think love is a load of shit?: Well, right now, it’s shitting on me.

- What’s the best experience you've ever had with the opposite sex?: Him leaving. No really, not had much of experience with them. I refuse to count the idiots who lurk around our school and say they’re male as male. They’re an insult to the true male of the species. Esp. Dylan and his cronies.

- Have you ever been dumped?: No. Since there was never anything going on anyway.

- Have you ever dumped someone?: ...See above

- What’s the most sexual thing you've done with the opposite sex?: About fifteen minutes drunken fumbling. Not exactly wine, dinner and rose petals is it?



- Slippers: boots

- Hat: Coat

- Hard: Man

- Free: Dream

- Space: Flight

- Taste: Touch

- Good Charlotte: The River

- Red: Blood

- Deep: Sea

- Heart: Sleeve

- Cord: Jeans

- Cheese: LUNCH!

- Rain: Sleet

- Work: Play

- Pedal: Bike

- Head: Shoulders, knees and toes

- Bed: Mmm...Good place to be...

- Fluff: WAFFY!

- Hardcore: ...Mmm Lucius/Draco/Harry/Severus OT4

- Race: Hitler

- Knife: Death

- Jump: The gun

- I.... am: cannot/will not

- want: Porn

- need: Food.

- crave: Spaghetti right now.

- love: Harry Potter

- hate: Goodbyes

- did: Did NOT!

- feel: Empty

- miss: Master

- am annoyed by: Everything and nothing

- would rather: Curl up with Merlin, Torchwood and Doctor Who

- am tired of: Life and coursework

- will always: Need words


- What is your favourite genre of music?: Umm...bit of everything really...quite like choral at the moment.

- What time is it now?: 18.41

- What day is it?: A Monday

- When’s the last time you called someone?: What? On the phone? This afternoon, calling my mum when to pick me up.  

- How much money do you have right now?: Depends who’s asking. If you want a loan, I have none. If you want to give me some...I have none. If you want to tell me where I can some more....I have none. See the pattern?

- Are you hungry?: ...This is me you’re talking about. I’m always hungry.

- Whatcha doin’?: Typing to you, YA NITWIT!

- Do you like parades?: What, like the Macy Parade? Never been to one.

- Do you like the moon?: Yes...It’s my best friend. I feel sad during the day and I can’t see it...

- What are you going to do when you’re done with this?: Post this online and go cook spaghetti

- Isn’t cup a funny word when you repeat it over and over?: I’ve never been weird enough to do that.

- If you could have any magical power what would it be?: Mind reading. I’m creepy like that.

- Have you ever had a picnic?: Yes

- Did you ever have one of those skip-its when you were young?:....I had a skipping rope

- What about sock em boppers?: ...Never ‘eard of it.
- Are you wearing any socks right now?:...As if it’s any concern of yours. But yes, I am.


- funny?: In the head, maybe. Okay...maybe sometimes.

- pretty?: Whatever.

- sarcastic?: Apparently, I fail at it.

- lazy?: OH YES I AM – oh can’t be bothered to type in capitals...

- hyper?: ...See above

- friendly?: Most of the time

- evil?: If I have PMT then apparently I am. I don’t remember. The red mist comes down.

- smart?: Smarter than some, not as smart as others!

- strong?: Mentally and emotionally, pretty much yes. Physically, it depends what you’re asking.

- talented?: Let me count the ways~ Oh, alright – I’m better at some things than others


- suicide: Your choice. But you’ll never find out that next best thing.

- love: As long as it hurts no-one who doesn’t want it  and even then only in a Safe Sane and Controlled way.

- drunk drivers: Against. Totally against. It’s wrong – call a cab and save the lives of other road users.

- airplanes: Environmentally and human friendly, people, then I’m for.

- war: Just War? No defining factors? I’m not a psycho but I’m also not a pacifist. Middle ground. 

- Canada: ...Should I have a problem with it?

- united states: Withholding judgement at the moment.

- rock music: Wholly and utterly for it. It’s the best thing in my life.

- gay marriage: .... Whatever you want to call it. I support it. And Elizabeth and Juliette and Rebecca won’t hate me~

- school: Only for it if we have a better education system some time soon. If not, I’m homeschooling and damn the consequences. Promote your damn fashionable causes outside my education thanks very much.

- surveys: ...I’m doing this aren’t I? I’m for them, as long as they’re not too invasive. I’m not telling some random company my weekly pay packet, if you catch my drift.

- parents: Most of the time, for – occasionally against. Some parents cause more problems than they solve and give kids only the need for therapy. Or the electric chair.

- cars: Only for if they’re more ecologically friendly. And no visually polluting cars either!

- killing: Define killing before making me choose.

- Britney Spears: She’s a girl who went off the rails and does not need the paps prying into her life. End of.

- pants: Underwear? I support it. Because no-one needs to go commando. Especially women.



- Play strip poker?: ...Only if I want to terrify someone.

- Run away?: From what? Most things, yes... “He who runs away lives to fight or run another day.”

- Curse at a teacher?: I have done. And I’d do it again,

- Not take a shower for a week?: Umm...Not willingly, but I’ve done it before... (I WAS LIKE SIX!)

- Ask someone out?:...Umm...If I liked them and it was nice...and I was supported by much alcohol...

- Lie to someone to make them think better of you?: I have done and I will do AGAIN!

- Visit a foreign country for more than a month?: It’s like...my plan for my gap year.

- Go scuba diving?: Yep. I’d love to dive off of Thailand.

- Write a book?: Working on it right now.

- Become a rockstar?: Me? A rockstar? Only on Guitar Hero, my friend.

- Have casual sex?: ...I don’t plan on it, but I assume it will happen.


- What shampoo do you use?: Umm...At the moment, John Frieda because it makes my hair look vaguely normal.

- When’s the last time you did something sexual with the opposite sex?: Too long ago.

- What kind of computer do you have?: An old one. And a grumpy one.

- What grade are you in: Year? Year Eleven. In American terms I would in tenth grade and a sophomore.

- Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies?: Nope. I’m not that rude. Though I have thought about it.

- Or just make out?: If I had some nice to do so with, I’d love to.

- How many posters do you have in your room?: Twenty two.

- How many cds do you have?: ....-counts-...Two hundred and three. Most of those are hand me downs.

     - What time is it now?: 01.59 in the morning.


Well  now it is about....ten to twelve in the morning, (to midday I mean) and I have done this meme which has taken me over two weeks to do. But that's alright~

Thanks boldFlame for giving me the questions,  even though I , like I normally do, nagged until I got the last few sets of questions~ Much thanks to you!


Gracias por la musica~

Orange Range -*~Asterisk~".


Life is like a boat - by Rie Fu


Thank you!! by Home Made Kazoku


"D-tecnoLife" by UVERworld.


Younha's "Hōkiboshi"


"happypeople" by Skoop on somebody


"One Lone Flower" (Ichirin no Hana?)  High and Mighty Color.


Yui's "Life",


"TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT" by Beat Crusaders.


"My Pace" (マイペース?) by SunSet Swish


 "Hanabi" by Ikimonogakari


"MOVIN!!" by Takacha.


"Rolling Star" by Yui.


"Baby It's You" by JUNE,


"Alones" by Aqua Timez.


Mai Hoshimura's "Cherry Blossom Weather" (Sakura Biyori)


"Tiptoe" (Tsumasaki?) by Ore Ska Band


“After Dark" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation,


Bitter Orange (Daidai) by "Chatmonchy",


Kousuke Atari's "Tane wo maku hibi" (Seed-scattering days)


"Kansha." (lit. Gratitude.) by RSP.


"Chu-Bura" by Kelun.


"Orange" by Lil'B,


"Gallop" by pe'zmoku,


"Velonica" by Aqua Timez.


"Hitohira no Hanabira" (A Single Petal) by Stereopony,


"Sky Chord" by Tsuji Shion



Death Cab for Cutie,

Don't cry for me Argentina,

Down to the River to Pray,

Breaking Free,

I want you to want me,

Naughty Girl,


I hate everything about you,

Don't stand so close to me,

Love So Pure,

I'm Alright Now.

It's getting hot in here,

Thanks for the Memories,

Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho,

The Animal I have Become,

Ketchup Song,

Mairead Nesbitt,


Marlene On The Wall,

Dirty Little Secret,



Crazy about You,

Lucky Cha Cha Cha,

MoonLight Sonata,

Roc Ya Body,

My Deliah,


Naichau Kamo,

God is a DJ,


Serj Tankian - Empty Walls,

Shiroi Iro Wa Koibito no Iro,

Always Be My Baby,

Rule the World,

That's What I go To School For,

Matsu Wa,

Ai no Imi wo Oshiete,

Summer of '69



Take That

Allison Krauss,

The Corrs,

Take That

Memoirs of a Geisha,

Nelly Furtado,



Girls Aloud,

Gwen Stefani,


Linkin Park

KT Tunstall,

Katie Mellua,


Morning Musume,

Celtic Woman,

Chip Skylark,

Cyndi Lauper,

Anita Renfroe,

Avril Lavigne,

Feet of Flames,

Rufus Wainwright





-          It’s Happy Line

-          Feel My Soul

-          Tomorrow’s Way

-          Life

-          Tokyo

-          Good-Bye Days

-          I Remember You

-          Rolling Star

-          CHE.R.RY

-          My Generation / Understand

-          Love and Truth

-          Namidaro

-          Summer Song


Utada Hikaru 

-  Automatic / Time will Tell
- Movin' On Without You
- First Love
- Addicted to You
- Wait and See ~Risk~
- For You
- Time Limit
- Can You Keep A Secret?
- Final Distance
- Travelling
- Hikari
- Sakura Drops / Letters
- Colors
- Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro
- Be My Last
- Passion
- Keep Trying
- This is Love
- Boku wa Kuma
- Flavour of Life
- Beautiful World / Kiss and Cry
- Heart Station / Stay Gold
- Fight the Blues
- Prisoner of Love
- Eternally -Drama Mix-

- I'll Be Stronger
- Close to You
- Remix: Fly Me To The Moon
- Easy Breezy
- Devil Inside
- Exodus '04
- You Make Me Want to Be a Man
- Do You
- Come Back to me
- Rainy Day
- New Life
- Tsumetail Tsuki -Nakanaide-
- Thank You
- Golden Era
- Kodomo-tachi no Uta ga Kikoero


- Gonna Make You Move (Don't Stop)
- There You Go
- Most Girls
- You Make Me Sick
- Lady Marmalade
- Get the Party Started
- Don't Let Me Get Me
- Just Like a Pill
- Family Portrait
- Feel Good Time
- Touble
- God is a DJ
- So What
- Last to Know
- Sober
- Please Don't Leave Me
- Free
- Delerium
- Heart Breaker
- Disconnected
- Crash and Burn
- Words
- Tell Me Something Good
- Waiting All Day for Sunday Night
- This is How it Goes Down
- Could've Had Everything
- Why Did I Ever Like You?
- Boring
- When We're Through
- Bad Bad Day
- I Can't Help It
- We Will Rock You
- I'm Not My Hair
- Key to My Heart
- Living in my World
- Nobody Liver
- One Step Closer to You
- Play How You Want (Sexy)
- Shine
- Song without a Chorus
- Rock and Roll Heavens Gate
- Tears in Heaven
- Tell Me Why
- What U Wanna Do
- Sing
- Here Come The....

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