February 27th, 2009


Waxing Lyrical - D'Meme

Write a poem by putting your itunes/mp3/whatever you listen to music on shuffle and writing down the first line from the first 20 songs that pop up. Use the first line from the 21st song as a title~


Say Your Prayers, Little One

For millions of years, in millions of homes,
God sometimes you sometimes just don't come through
I wish this could be...
I am a little bit of loneliness, a little bit of disregard
Looking for a well-built eighteen to thirty-year-old to be slaughtered
They say
You're as Cold As Ice
Well, I don't know why I came here tonight
Don't you know they're talkin' about a revolution
You can say what you want about me
The clear sky, an ominous red
Beware the full moon
Can you remember remember my name as I flow through your life
I'm afraid of the dark
Her face is a map of the world
Some secrets need to be kept
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
Did the sweet scent lead you here
One night to you
Affirmative may be justified

Songs Used ~

  1. David Byrne – Like Humans Do – [Radio Edit]
  2. God – Tori Amos
  3. Save Me - Jem
  4. Faint – Linkin Park
  5. Mein Teil – Rammestein [ German ]
  6. All About Us – Tatu
  7. Cold as Ice – Foreigner
  8. Stuck in the Middle With You – Louise
  9. Talking About a Revolution  – Tracy Chapman
  10. Paid My Dues – Anastacia
  11. Suzaku No Sora - Rurutia
  12. Things that go Bump in the Night – All Stars
  13. Perfect Strangers – Deep Purple
  14. Life – Des’ree
  15. Suddenly I See – KT Tunstall
  16. Dangerous To Know - Hilary Duff
  17. I wish I was a Punk Rocker with Flowers in my Hair – Sandy Thom
  18. Do Me More - Namie Amuro 
  19. One – Creed
  20. Long Way To Happy - Pink
Title: Sandman - Metallica