February 28th, 2009


Writer's Block: AKA

What's the story behind your username?

Heh...This is gonna be embarrassing.

In my head, there's a muse/overdirector of my thoughts. She's called Lixi. And She's MEAN. But good for me. She kicks me up the backside when I have to be kicked up the arse and she helps me when I'm writing and she reminds me of things like homework even though I don't want to be reminded.

She's the first part of my name - the Elixir part of my email and the Lixi of my Lj. Because her real name is Elixir but no-one ever calls her that - she's mostly called Lixi as a nickname, like I'm called Ri~.

The Designer part is the basis for the .designer of my email and the Des of my journal name. She's a designer because that's what she does - whether it's a schedule thing, or a simple plot bunny or an elaborate story line - she designs and makes them work. And I write them. Because that's my 'job role'; the eccentric writer.

And Ri~ because it is kinda user name-y - this wasn't my name at first. Since I am of course Rebecca which is way long and shared by one of my other best friends, it was a wee bit confusing. So Jasia, being the wonderfully bright spark that she is, came up with new nicknames for us all. Elizabeth to Ecchi because she's just very ecchi, Juliette to Jolty because it's her intials JLT - which makes the sound Jolty and Rebecca got Kki, because it's the last three letters of her old nickname - Bekki. And I got Ri~ because it's the first sound of my name Rebecca but it looks really crap as Re. So we made it an i instead of an e and Re became Ri. And I always add a tilde because that's my thing.

Well, that's it for Designer.Elixir and Lixi-Des and Ri.  Tell me if you want any more explained.