March 4th, 2009


Writer's Block: Chatty

Do you prefer texting or talking on the phone?

Talking on the phone.

I cannot text to save my life - and I have a phone that won't text so it's kinda shit anyway. Never got the whole text-speaking as well. If 'later' is spelt L-A-T-E-R then IT IS NOT SPELT L-8-R! Or any other variation thereof.

I hate the idea of text or chat speak. It's seems stupid, especially when you consider what you should use a phone for, i.e. brief and simple communication in place of a phone call. When I first got my phone it could type 200 characters. My mother's brand new one that costs more money than I'm worth, and yet is from her work (it's a bloody touchscreen for the Love of God) can do four hundred and fifty. If you need more than that, pick up the damn phone and fucking CALL them because it'll be cheaper and quicker.

If you are writing more than about 450 characters, that's not a text. It is a fucking novel and should be reserved for the internet and Lj and blogs.

Texts are meant for brief communication - i.e. the only I have ever texted pretty much - "Where are you?" to my mother when I was waiting for her to pick me up. A text is not a subsitute for a conversation and it should not be made as such.

And phones are annoying full stop. Ever been woken up by some dolt calling you because they wanted to say goodnight? Yeah. I'd've shot them but they were disturbingly far away. Like another country. Still, I hate the idea of phones. A computer is so much better in every way.

And phones are like...not good in my hands.

End of rant~