March 6th, 2009


Writer's Block: Miss Manners

What recently developed technology—cell phones, wi-fi, laptops, handheld gaming devices, etc.—do you think has had the worst influence on how people behave in public?
Mobile phones and mp3s. Especially when phones can play music as well...that just pisses me off something awful.

FROM YOU ON THE BUS! And this is kids wearing headphones. I listen like that on the school bus because people lob food and polystirene cups at me and I need something else to concentrate on because if I hear, "ARE YOU LIKE....A FUCKING LESBIAN OR SUMMAT?" any longer I will scream. Ironic. They pick the straight one to call a lesbian but they are just....awful. My IQ drops by the second when I'm on that bus. But if I wasn't on a school bus and trying to drown out the people who piss me off, I'd turn it down and let people have their quiet time. Nobody needs that level of music blasted at them. And I'll tell you something else, I heard someone playing a Pussy Cat Dolls song on their mp3 right...And I was sitting in front of them, listening to Rammestien's Mouska at volume 28 of 30.  Trust me, if you can hear over that, you're hearing an atomic explosion somewhere within about thirty metres.

And the kids that just play the music through the phone without any form of headphones?

Bloody fools.

If I wanted to listen to your shit music I'd buy it (But I don't. So I won't.). You have crap taste in music, your phone has the musical capacity of a pile of horseshit on the m25 and the need to play it over and over again while you are in a public place is utterly moronic and I don't need to hear it. There is no bass, there is not tone or pitch and all you can hear is the sound of the speaker protesting as it is being made to play as loud as it can when it can't.

I concur, in the privacy of your own home play it as loud as you want - provided that it doesn't get you in trouble for disturbing the peace but for fucks sake, in public turn it down and wear earphones.

On that note, I despise the vacant, stupid expression some people get when listening to mp3 players and I-phones etc. They look like they've had a lobotomy - one step away from drooling down their shirt. I can remember going to see a relative in a nursing home who'd had a stroke and she looked the same as some of these kids. The kind of expression that says "The lights are on but no-one's home."  I swear, look alive! I don't think I do vacant normally - though I'll concur that when I'm at home and listening to it, I'm always one step from or actually dancing or randomly making movements from like eighties disco pop....And smiling or frowning or crying. Depending on what I listen to. But in public, I least try to smile and change my facial expression more than once an hour. Seriously, you'd think you crash landed with ALIENS if you could see these kids.

Maybe I'll add more later...Feeling mostly ranted out on this subject for now!

Meme~ For Old Time's Sake


01. I call myself: Ri, Ri~, Reurope, Ze Ri, The Ri~, The Blonde, Yours Sister, Your Daughter, Perfection?

02. I am this old: 16yrs and about three months.

03. I hate it when: I lose things, when I miss easy things, when I can't get something, when I fall out with friends, when my computer shits itself down without my permission, I feel stupid, when I'm crying, when someone else is crying for a stupid reason (hello, Girl Who Cries In The Year Eleven Photo), when I'm unhappy, when other people are unhappy and it's not to my benefit...

04. I love it when: I'm talking to friends, I succeed in something, I cook, I see my friends, when I can listen to music, when I read good stories or fanfiction, when I can help people.

05. My favorite thing to drink is: Milkshakes...Chocolate. Mmm....And coffee. I love my coffee. I wouldn't be Ri without mah coffee!

06. My favorite food is: Whatever takes my fancy - sometimes it's savoury - crisps, nuts and salted potatoes and stuff. Sometimes it's protein-y like chicken and cheese, or swordfish or monks fish. Sometimes, it's sweet - chocolates and sweets and cakes. Sometimes it's meals - I love pizza and spag-bog and pasta and lasagne, and fish dishes (except the one I cooked for food tech) and I love breads and stuff like that sometimes. Shame I can't them so often though...they make me fat if I eat more than a slice...

07. I am this tall: Five feet five and a half inches. TAKE THAT MOTHER! 

08. I weigh this much: Somewhere between twelve and thirteen stone. I think. Unhealthy I know, but I'm loosing some and blaming Granny Rayner for the rest. Why couldn't I have gotten the red hair? Or the green eyes...No. I get the figure of an Irish mother - big boobs, big hips and big thighs and with the arms to prove it...Lovely.

09. My favorite shoes to wear are:  My black boots in the winter (they keep me warm) and flipflops in the summer (nice and cool). Though I prefer barefoot now. I have such hard skin on the soles of my feet from walking around without shoes on outside....Ah, well. I'll pay later for it.

10. My favorite article of clothing is: Tie. Secrets can be kept with one. I quit like my hacker gloves, my Norway hat and my HP hat. I love love them! And my jeans. Can't forget them.

11. When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is: Usually go to the bathroom and use the loo, get some water, and brush my teeth so I'm awake for the day - or more so than ten minutes ago. And then I go and put the telly on, get the days headlines (because it's important to keep up on the news) and then eat breakfast.

12. The last thing I do before I go to bed is: Listen to some music on my mp3 and relax. I might listen to the news if I can get enough signal but that varies night to night. Mostly, I listen to music and just relax to some Rammestein or Deep Purple, then some Rihanna, and then some Rurutia and then some nice chilling classical and then finish up with some Midori. always in the same order. Every night.

Shower Time:

01. I take baths or showers: Showers. Cheaper, use less water and I can't stretch out in our bath....I'm like a foot and a half too tall for it...So it's sucks and I take a shower instead. 

02. My favorite soap to use is: Whichever I can find...which is usually my brothers because his is stronger and doesn't smell poncey like mum's. When i use my own, it is usually mint and tea-tree or lemon and lime. WAKE YOU UP! Because it's all cool and tingly.

03. I use this shampoo: ASDA for Men's: Menthol. Mmm...Deep cleaning, anti-dandruff, leaves my hair soft and silky, with lots of volume when I wear down hair, and sleek when I wear up hair. And it smells nice and it is good for my skin...better than the expensive crap. Why bother to change....?

04. I use this conditioner: Head and Shoulders: Anti-Dandruff (Menthol) same as above really.

05. I use a comb or a brush: Brush. Combs are bad for your hair if used for anything for than styling.

06. I blow dry my hair or let it air dry: Air dry mostly...I'm lazy unless I'm going out anywhere important.

07. I use this kind of shaving gel/cream: ASDA: Shaving Foam for Women - Sweet Air. It's nice smelling and it doesn't hurt my skin.

08. My toothpaste is: Minty! And green and white striped...It's nice...

09. My toothbrush is this color: White. I'm boring like that. And it's not electric. Manual for me, because I have a small mouth and it doesn't open wide enough for the electric one.

10. I like hot or cold showers: HOT!  Warms me right up but it pisses my brother off because I have my showers set to like...eight on a scale of 1-10. And he showers at like....2. So's it's always too hot for him and he swears at me.

11. What I think about in the shower: that takes my mind...

12. My favorite thing about the shower is: Peaceful. Twenty minutes of me time right before I go to bed. It settles me right down, most nights.

13. I listen to this kind of music when in the shower: My own voice. Because we don't have a decent bathroom radio.

14. I lock the bathroom door when in the shower: Because I don't want my brother barging in. He thinks that if a door is closed, it's a challenge to get in. Moron.

Elementary School:

01. My mom drove me to school or I rode the bus: Usually Mum but sometimes the bus.

02. I went to kindergarten and my teacher’s name was: Mrs White. I think.

03. My favorite teacher was: ...Mrs White. I think.

04. My least favorite teacher was: Everyone else. Nuns. Horrible creatures for children

05. My first field trip was to: The church. And I hated the building and all it represented in repression, corruption and lying men and chauvanistic pigs and the denial of anything that cannot be rebuked by, "GOD SAYS SO!" 

06. My favorite field trip was to: The Lake District~ It was so cool! We went walking in the stream, upstream.

07. What I remember most about elementary school is: How much I hated the first one, didn't mind the second, and like the third.

08. I attended this elementary school:  Some name I don't remember, St Lawerence's C.E School and Cranwell Primary.

High School: (still go there~!)

01. My favorite subject in high school was: English. Love it! I want to do a job that deals with it everyday because it's just so amazing as a subject.

02. My favorite teacher(s) was/were: Miss Claffey, Mrs Desmond, Miss Irvine, Mr Stoner

03. My least favorite teacher(s) was/were: Miss Pendleton, Mr Franks, Ummmm...Mrs Lowder.

04. We had this many class periods: 5 a day and 25 a week.

05. My favorite activity in high school: ...Talking with friends, english and going home.

06: I was in the band and I played: I don't?

07. I did marching band and was in squad number(s): I didn't?

08. I was in this school play(s): ...You think I could be in a school play? You're seriously mistaken...

09. I was in this crowd at school: In the ignored. And the weird.

10. I had detention this many times: About twenty times in the whole of my school career.

11. I drove to school: My mum took me or I catch the bus.

12. I skipped class this many times: ...Ten days worth, I think

13. I was always late for class: ..I'm always late. If it's thirty seconds, or a whole five minutes. Lessons, I might be more prompt but I'm rarely in there before first bell.

14. Best friend in high school: Africa, Asia, America and....someone.

15. Name the guys/girls you dated: ...Fuck off.

16. Name the guys/girls you wanted to date: ...Again, fuck off! (shut up Jasia and Rafrica! )

17. I went to prom with: Looks like Rebecca at the moment. We're the Carl and Lenny's of this world.

18. I went to this many football games: I really don't... As a sport, or a proffesion,  I hate it.

19. My favorite trip was: I don't really have many memories of good trips.

20. I was in the principal’s office this many times: ...never been there. Thank god.

21. What I miss most about high school: I'll miss the people (friends only, mind) and the niceness of it. When you get out there, in the real world it's going to be HARD.

22. What I don’t miss at all about high school: The comments, the idiots, the lameass people, the subjects i don't like, the annoying bitches, P.E.

23. I will/was remembered for: Books. And weirdness. And hanging out with the 'Lesbians.'

24. I graduated in: July 09. God, that's going to be hard....

25. I was _ out of _ in my class: Dunno yet. Not taken the tests yet.

26. My GPA was: A-Cs. No Ds or below.

27. I went to this high school: St George's College of Technology.


01. I still write letters and mail them out: Occasionally to my grandparents and my family. And I have a penpal, so sometimes. Once or twice a month.

02. I spend this much time online a day: Between about seven hours and fourteen. I'm a i-Addict!

04. My favorite place to travel to is: Anywhere that is cool. I'll even take England, if it's good.

05. My favorite phrase is: Whatever. You know what? Guess what. Bugger. Crud.

06. My favorite quote is: [see writers block entry for this]

07. I really want to go here someday: America again. Japan. China, India...All around the world.

08. I live in a(N) house, trailer, apartment, townhouse, condo: House. Three bed.

09. I’ve always wanted to own one of these: I dunno. A decent computer might be a better answer.

10. My most treasured item is: My tie. And my books.

11. My goals in life are: To get a job, to get married, to have a family, to have kids, to see them graduate, to be successful, to live a long and happy life, to be good at my feild of work, to go to university, to travel the world, to stand somewhere and feel the planet live.

12. My favorite sport to watch is: ...Gymnastics and ice-skating.

13. The friend I couldn’t live without: RAfrica, Jasia, EAmerica. No way could I live without them. And the A-Mam. Who shoves five pound eggs up her ass and lives with a horny Canadian~ And who teases me about phone sex.

14. I collect this/these: Not really. Good pictures and fanfictions I suppose.

15. This is on my walls: Photos and cool images of holidays and fanart.

16. The thing that drives me completely crazy is: Life itself. That is the be all and end all of all that is wrong in my life and that which drives me craxy.