April 4th, 2009


Won The Battle - The War is Still Raging

God, I feel so much like crap these days.


Anyway, aside from that awesome opening statement which sums up how I feel ENTIRELY, just thought I'd come on here and ramble about anything and everything that comes to my mind. Which admittedly is a lot, since my mind works like I do - all over the freaking place.

But we shall prevail.

I think.

First thing, SCHOOL. BLERCH. 'Scuse me while I go throw up, because even the MERE thought of the place is making me queasy.  But to be precise, there are three things that are bugging me right now.




Alone? I can cope. Barely.

All together? -goes to drown self in a pool to prevent them doing it for her-

Together, they terrify me. Now I'm sure most of you know, if you can read this, that I'm seriously unorganised. I could loose something in an prison cell, a la End of the Line. I cannot keep track of anything, whether it be a date, a time or an essay or a piece of coursework. It is so hard for me though - I'm not like Jasia or Eamerica. They can keep track of things without even intending to, and I just look at them and think...."If only..." It sucks being the disorganised one, I can tell you. You loose things left right and centre,a and you don't even remember HAVING them. And I can be honest, I have gone to ASSEMBLIES and people SWEAR up and down that I have been there, and listened to the same information and I swear to GOD, I don't remember a DAMN thing

(But I can be also Misled. Quite drastically - Rafrica tells me I went to the ASSEMBLY on Tuesday, and through Working My Day Backwards, I worked out that I wasn't. I went to print off my work for French in the Maths ICT room. So I wasn't there and SHE made me PANIC for no reason whatsoever, and there was me thinking I was going MAD. Still, it proves the power of subliminal pressures.)

At uni and in Sixth Form, I am going to be wetting my pants with all my disorganisation - if the teachers don't make me do it first. I swear, I am going to invest in a diary like my Mothers - it's big and it can keep track of EVERYTHING from book to notebooks, to appointments and deadlines for key pieces of work. Lord, as soon as I get my first payment for EMA, I am investing in Notebooks, Files, Ringbinders, Plastic Wallets, Pens and Pencils, and Writing Equipment and THAT DIARY! 

But that is drifting off track.

HOMEWORK is riding my ass not quite as badly as the other two. I mean, teachers seems to have finally gotten it into their thick heads that we HAVE OTHER SUBJECTS and THEREFORE CANNOT DEVOTE ALL OUR TIME TO ONE FUCKING SUBJECT! Ahem. But seriously, it is like -mental block- when it comes to some teachers and the idea that you take more than one subject.

I would actually like to SLEEP some time in NINETY HOURS before I DIE of  EXHAUSTION and SLEEP  DEPRIVATION! 

But, you know, to some teachers that's like....a secondary thought. Seriously.

COURSEWORK.....-barfs- EWWW. Gross. I hate coursework to the end of existence. It's VILE. And EVIL and it haunts my DREAMS turning them into NIGHTMARES. I sitll have Business, and Prep for Working Life to sort out but at least that's not too bad. I mean, prep for working life is done in about ten minutes, and as for Business...I'll figure something out. At least, I can do that.

I always do.

But yeah. Coursework is not as bad as I thought it was - I can grow to accept it as a part of my life that I really really HATE and would like to have removed but cannot do so at the current time. I'll get over it. Someday.

EXAMS.  Ooh yes. The BIG thing in my life at the moment. It's Easter right now, which means it's the reprieve. The Governor's Call to the Execution Chamber. Shame that I know it won't stick and in about two week's I'm back on the Table being given the injection and the chances of surviving it are onei n a billion million.

I hope I make those odds.

And as for the morons who claim the exams are getting easier, I dare you to sit the same level most students have to sit. I DARE YOU. And if you get A*s across the board, then well done. Take it and make your claim. If you don't SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!

I just need a time and a place where all of this doesn't occur and I can just...LIVE not SURVIVE which is all I seem to be doing at the moment.

Ah well....

I'll be back later, I gots some things to post, so I have to be.

Love ya~

Post, the Second - Of Dates, Music and Poetry~

Ooh, another post in the same day. I haven't done this for a while...

Ergh, though. I have loads of stuff to put on here that I don't wanna put on here because then it means I gotta do it....-whinges-

Ah well.

Live sucks, I suppose and I'd better get used to it.

Ermm...Oh yeah.

Was meant to be putting on here what i have to do these holidays -cringes-.

-goes to get a glass of water-

-comes back with water and a New Yrok Deli bap-

"Right, said Fred, Let's get Moving."

Okay, I need to

- Post my exam times onto here and then email them to Mum.

- Write up my English Essay


-Legislation Notes

-Type up the 77-Habits of Successful Students

- Create and add to the music database

- Finish HTML-ing BSP chapter six.

- Another new chapter for BSP

- A new chapter for WACIB

- Finish Cross-Writing the new Chapter for GwB

- Carry on writing the manuscript for P and see where that gets - twenty thousand is the target!

- A New Chapter for Host Club

- Write my new Profile

-Review five stories

-Add five to Favourites

But other than the only thing on my list of things to do is REVISE!

Which is really really boring, but it'll all pay off in the end. I hope.




First of all, never thought I'd break a thousand in less than a month on Last.fm - I make it 1,100 tracks as off six o'clock and that is some speedy listening. if I can average a thousand a month, I'm rocking and rolling~

And since I have holidays as well this month, I hope to break two and a half thousand by the end of next week. -fingers crossed-

Anyway, was being lazy and flicking through ff.net last night, which I am epixally good at doing, and I found this list of artists of the music genre on Bittersweet Alias's Profile and it's actually quite good for recommendations. Some of the stuff, I'll never listen to like Cradle of Filth - I only ever listen to that for doing fight scenes, but most of it sounds NICE.

Within Temptation
Coheed and Cambria
Dream Theater
Dave Matthews Band
Five For Fighting
System of A Down
Guns n Roses
Linkin Park
Depeche Mode
Modest Mouse
Alkaline Trio
Puddle of Mudd
Alter Bridge
Saving Abel
Shiny Toy Guns
Flock of Seagulls
Taylor Dayne
Scandal, Madonna
Jane's Addiction
Breaking Benjamin
Michael Buble
Paula Cole
Ace of Base
David Bowie
Brian Adams
Def Leppard
Goo Goo Dolls
Five Finger Death Punch
Avenged Sevenfold,
Rise Against
Colby O'Donis
Sick Puppies
Drowning Pool
Marilyn Manson
Alice N Chains
Thirty Seconds to Mars
Lacuna Coil
Death Cab
Beyond the Fall
Jann Arden,
The Cranberries
Angels and Airways
3 Days Grace
Stone Sour
The Killers

I have some of them, but not all of them. And lord of Lords, these means LOTS more tracking down and chasing up music links. -smiles widely- Gotta love a busy mind these hols.

My Contribution to the Maths World - Last.fm Style

I make this my contribution to the Maths world.


Assume I have 1100 plays on Last.fm.

I want to break 2500 by the 6th of May.

Today is the 4th of April. But we're already over half way through it so we shall assume it done.

We'll begin the count down by tomorrow which is the 5th of April.


That means...I have X number of days from the 5th of April to the 6th of May.

Which is all the days of April PLUS one extra for the extra day of May - it runs from the 5th of one month and the sixth of the next. Not fifth to fifth.

Assuming that time is not going to go nuts, and the world is not going to A) End, B) Collapse into a Black Hole which distorts time for ever and assuming that I remain A) Alive, and B) Able to access a computer every day we shall assume X fits in a normal NON-Leap Year year.

Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November;
All the rest have thirty-one, except February clear,
Which has twenty-eight, or twenty-nine each leap year.

From the above little rhyme, we can see April has thirty days.

Therefore X = 30 + the 1 extra day we need to make it to the 6th of May. Therefore X = 31.

Now we have to work out the number of hours in this time.

There are 31 days.

31 days = 1 day x 31.

One day is 24 hours.

Swap the one day for the hours instead making ....

31 days = 24 x 31 = 744 hours.

So in 31 days I have 744 hours.

But I do not have all that time TO play. I have to sleep. And eat. And do other human stuff.

From this we will work assume that I spend 8 hours sleeping. And a further 2 hours doing variable human stuffs.

8 + 2 = 10 hours in which I do NOT play music. Let us call this number N. Thus meaning that the equation must be modified.

31 days = (number of hours in the day - the number of hours spent doing other things) x 31 = (actual numbers of hours used to play) and we shall call this number A.

X = (H - N) x X = A

X days = (24-10) x X = A hours.

31 days = 14 x 31 = A hours.

31days = 14 x 31 = 434 hours of viable playtime.

Excellent. Now we have a viable number of hours I can play. 

Good work.


Now, for a little side track into the next stage of working it out.

The number of songs you can play in that given time.

Assume that the mean average is 4 minutes exactly. (4:00)

In an hour this means how many songs can be played?

An hour is 60 minutes.

60 (divided) by 4:00 exactly = 15.

This leaves us with an estimate of fifteen songs an hour.

Multiply the number of songs per hour you have gives you a equation of

Number of songs per hour x number of hours = number of songs that can be played within that time


15 x 434 = 6510.

Which does not look ...quite right.

But we shall leave it and perhaps return to it later.


The above is also useless because we can short cut the route.

434 hours of viable playtime.

There are, like we have said, 60 minutes to the hour.

This means we have 434 lots of that 60 minutes or 434 x 60.

434 x 60 = 26040 minutes.

Bloody hell that is a lot of minutes!

That is the number of minutes you have available to you. Assume you have no more. 


Therefore, we can now apply the rule of dividing up the rest into sections of 4:00.

Or to be more precise -

26040 / 4:00 = 6510.

And suddenly the first method is actually correct! 

But the original prediction is leaving a lot to be desired - there is apparently in the time avaliable to play music a potential to break 6510 ONTOP of what is already there.

Or to be mathematically minded about it

Amount already there (T) + Number of songs playable  (P) = total number of songs possible by the end of the 6th of May (E)

T + P = E

1100 + 6510 = 7610.


And there you have it. My contribution to the wonderful world of maths.

I'm sure it's full of holes and whatever, but shit....I can't be arsed to fix them.

And it took me over an hour.

Well, Ain't I Good?