April 15th, 2009


Random Note - The Second

Hey, I'm back and it way way early (it's about ten o'clock)...

And now it's about quarter past twelve - (has been WAY LAZY) and I've just had breakfast [lunch?] and now I'm on the preparation part of going to the maths session today at ONE. I'm absolutely sick to death of Maths but I so need that B. Blerch, I hate MATHS - give me some good ol' fashioned English.

Still, what can we do?

Not had the major rush this morning like I had yesterday, but I have to admit, having my brother's girlfriend over was a little bit of a shock - walked down this morning, only to be met with the two of them cuddled up on the sofa, kissing. And this was like at six in the freaking morning.

Embarrassment, was rife.

I don't mind her, she's okay - not like his LAST girlfriend [cow that she was] but this one...is way outside his normal type. And she's female for one thing, and a skater/punky type girl who is capable of being something OTHER than ditzy blonde. Oh, and she's brunette. Felt inclined to mention that.

My family is weirdly eccentric. I leave it there.

Got eight minutes left, [ah, the joys of the passage of time] so I figured I might as well ramble about SOMETHING since my life really isn't up to much at the moment. I'm cool like that~

Aside from that, not much is going on in my life other than the basics so I thought I mentioned what I want to do with my EMA! Education Maintenance Allowence, for those of you not in the know, and it's essentially money that's meant to go on books and stuff for people in further education - but no-one ACTUALLY spends it on that. Because we're too cool for it!

So, anyway, back on track - here's some things I want to buy with it.

DVDS - I'm missing SO many of my favourites, so I intend to go out and buy Transformers 1 & 2, Lord of the Rings- Directors Cut Boxset [OMG -drools at the thought], Memoirs of a Geisha - since my one is scratched but watchable, Hot Fuzz - same reason, White Noise, The Ring, Madagascar 2, Shrek The Boxset - Because I'm COOL, Mary Poppins, the Lion King(s), Spirit - Stallion of the something or other, and several other Disney films because I so want them because I'm just that sad.

Also, I want to buy more books... and a new TV with a DVD player and some more DS games...

But I have run out of time [or not - only two minutes left but I have to wrap it up] and so, I shall return later, and you will all respect and admire me while I am gone~

Love me, hate me, eh, who cares~