April 16th, 2009


Random Note - The Third

Hoo boy....

Life at the moment? It is...complicated. And hard...and very very unpredictable.

It's life, I suppose.

I have a meme to do tomorrow, a music one which I'm sure I'll LOVE doing. Arylett is, right now, trying to track down a song for me by the Sugababes - oh good, why do I even bother trying to hide my lameness? I just have a minor affection for the song, considering it was the first one I EVER heard on youtube....ah, the memories...

Still, what can you do?

I also have a couple of chapters of fanfiction to write and post, more french to correct and a database of music to create and upload.

I also have some more things to add to the THINGS I WANT TO BUY WITH MY EMA part of a previous post - Oh, why can't it be September now? - and a bone to pick with several people, including the examining bodies and all that they stand for.

Oh, and the Government, but the only thing I would like to do is take a large hammer and proceed to hit the Governmental Staff really really really hard and see if anything interesting falls out like my tax-payers money which as a species they seem to like secreting away for their own person use (second home allowence to be scrapped for extra pay anyone, or how about a nanny or a kitchen paid for by the state or even maybe a home for your parents [a second home, might I add] while the rest of the country cannot afford to pay for ONE house) or anything that the Government has failed to let the general public know, like how bad the recession is, and what really is under Area 51 and why the roads are so bad and also, why our NHS system is shite. 

But then again, they're morons, as we well know.

Ri has a great deal of bones to pick with her government, as I am sure you can tell...

Ri also would like to hit the Government Staff purely for purposes of stress relief and just general entertainment, but the police and by extention, the law tends to look down on such behaviour, calling it Assault and Battery or Grevious Bodily Harm, or even more like Unprovoked Assault.

I'd called it Aggravated Assault, if I had to put a name to it. With a recommendation for a Damehood.

But then again, I can but Dream...

Still, anyway, what else do I have to do say?

I have a whole shit load of music which I have to listen to mostly from my dearest and most darling AmeLett and I shall get around to listening to them over the next few days, and I am sure that we can raise our score from Very High to SUPER on Last.fm. Which also brings me to the next piece of news....

WHOO! I'm catching up to Jasia! Ha, take that! 

But that also raises several questions like the ones Jasia mentioned - she has an unbalanced profile where one artist outranks the others by a good few hundred plays. Baer in mind that, according to my calculations, that one artist has around a hundred tracks...

I have an unbalanced profile where one artists outranks the others by a good few hundred and that artist has SIX tracks. That's right. 6. 0-6. S.I.X. That does not bode well for my listening information.

At this rate, I shall be averaging over one and a half thousand a month, or more realistically several hundred - two or three hundred minimum. It's seriously weird, monitoring your listening habits like this, you really start to see exactly where your tastes actually lie - because you listen to what you like and it shows - I love Midori and I have around six hundred plays of that artist, but I also love Rammestein and I have a high play list for that as well (about sixty something I think).

Oh well, I have the song I wanted from AmeLett now and so I shall go from Lj unless something major comes up - which I hope it doesn't. 

#34 music geek meme - Nicked from MemeWhores

Check the bands you've HEARD OF. Not just the ones you like.
Be honest people! If you really have never heard of them, don't mark it. It just makes you look fake.
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Hey....That's not bad...until you realise there's over a hundred bands/artists and recognise less than half...Still, I don't doubt that I'm shit at music.

[And I would also point out this is bands that you HEARD OFF - not bands you regularly listen to. There is a subtle distinction]

Can be found HERE

Fun With Innuendo~

Because God knows we all need some levity, right?

Upon recieving The Order of the Phoenix, we couldn't help but notice the high frequency of the phrase "Flat on his back." Alerted by this fact, we looked a little closer and compiled a list of wonderfully out of context quotes for the amusement and edification of all. Curiously, most of them seem to involve either Fred and George or Snape. We think there might be something to this. We tried to add page numbers, but occasionally our amusement overwhelmed our sense of proper citation protocol. Also, we were too lazy to go back and look them up. We regret the inconvenience. Actually, no. We don't. (edit: Missing page numbers have been provided by Aquilus Veritas. Thanks!)

~ M-teki and Jack of None

Without further ado....

The List.

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