April 20th, 2009


So Fucking Screwed

I have nothing to say today...Apart from all the things I want to say, and will say anyway, regardless of the opening statement.

Alright, first things first, I have officially broken my record for listening hits. I have BROKEN 3000 hits which is amazing - I mean, at the start of this month I just broke 2000 and here we are again. Breaking the next milestone of a thousand.

At this rate, my listening rate will be ASTRONOMICAL. Though nowhere NEAR Eamerica. Seriously, that woman? Listens to music like it's going out of fashion tomorrow. Still, I'll never match up to here - she's got over a year on little newbie me - I'll be content with my third, possibly second place in the amazing ranking list which I have devised. Only I could turn it into a competition, eh?

Anyway, next on my amazing list of things to do in this life. I am so fucked. Seriously - fucked I am. Oh well...Being screwed today only means that I'll be even more screwed come tomorrow. 

And there's a lacewing on my window...Sweet.

Back on topic, I hate my life so far. I cannot wait for exams to be over and to have a reasonable sort of existence when I finish.

And that brings me to my next thing.

Exam timetable.

Here it is.

Exam Time Table

DateSessionC. CodeComponent Title (Tier - F/H)Equip.
Tue 12 MayMorning4800/WCertificate In Preparation For Working LifeCalc.
Afternoon1931/01Religious Studies [Full Course] : Paper One 
Fri 15 MayMorning3691/LHSpanish Listen Test (H) 
Mon 18 MayAfternoon1380 3HMaths Higher [Non Calc] (H) : First PaperCompass/Protrac.
Tue 19 MayMorning3712/HEnglish Literature Test (H): First PaperLord of the Flies/Anthology
Wed 20 MayMorning3691/RHSpanish Reading Test (H) 
Thu 21 MayMorning1954/01D&T: Food Paper 1 (Foundation)Coloured Pencils
Fri 22 MayMorning2323/02Bus Stud: Business In Its Enviro (H) 
Mon 01 JunMorning1380 4HMaths Higher [Calc]Calculator
Tue 02 JunMorning3702/1HEnglish Language Paper 1 (H)??? Not Known
Morning1686/02Geography First Paper [No. 2] (Higher) 
Wed 03 JunAfternoon3651/LHFrench Listening Test (H) 
Thu 04 JunAfternoon3702/2HEnglish Language Paper 2 (H)??? Not Known
Tue  JunMorning1986/04Geography Paper 4 (H) 
Afternoon2324/02Bus. Stud: Business Processes (H) 
Wed 10 JunMorning3651/RHFrench Reading Test (H) 
Mon 15 JunMorning1931/02Religious Studies (Full Course) Paper 2 
Afternoon2321/02Bus. Stud.: Business Organisation (H) 

Oh ew...it's vile.