April 21st, 2009


Mary Mother of God.

Ye Gods...

Lets see...What to tell you, today?

Oh, right. I remember now.

I AHVE FINISHED MY GEOGRAPHY COURSEWORK! AH HA! Loving it right now. I gots the extension to do but who the hell cares.

She's been turning my hair grey for the last three months, and then she tells me every time I open my fucking mouth - "YOU'RE FAILING! YOU'RE ON A D! NOW IT'S AN E! FUCK NOW IT'S A U!" 

And then she turns around tells me it's a B.


At that point the urge to faint was vying ferociously with the urge to pick up the pencil and dig it into her eye sockets for spending the last three months turning my hair FUCKING GREY. But I shall be the bigger person here, and move on.

Ah, what else happened today?

Not much. I might come back later and make another post, but right now I'm going to be and enjoying my sleep.

Being back at school is SO tiring....