April 22nd, 2009

Eye, green

Lixi-Des Writes -

Well, here we go again. First day back and you have some good news, some bad news and a hell of a lot to do. First things first, though, the good news.

YOU HAVE AN OVERALL B for you second science grade – this will total you out at somewhere between an A and a B, and if you’re lucky give you an excellent ratio that you need for the next few years of your life.

The bad news? You have a test in a few days, and I would recommend that you seriously use some revision. You cannot afford to fail your Spanish.

This brings me to your to-do list. It’s big. And it’s gross. And it’s going to be consuming your life and your soul until you can lie down on your bed and agree that life is good once more because you have a reduced list of things to do.


I have it written on paper which you gave me, (By the way, the hell is up with the new handwriting? It’s like reading Ye Olde Texte!) and so I shall transcribe it onto here. Respect and fear me for doing it.

Sixth Form Application and Personal Statement - I found it in your French folder this morning, and while I have no idea what it was doing in there…(we will be talking about your organisation and filing system – Sixth form app. =/= French work. )… we shall persevere. You must get your mother to fill it in and bring it in tomorrow. You are a day late with it already and any time wasted further will delay you further and further. You must get it filled out. And to jog your memory – though I’m sure you don’t need it – here is a list of the subjects that you are taking.

1 – English Lit. & Lang.

2 – Sociology

3 – Psychology

4 – Communication Studies

You will also need to type your personal application as well – arrange to have it printed tomorrow since your handwriting has mysteriously taken a turn for the worse. You should also make sure that you have several copies as well – to lose it would be dire. Therefore I would recommend putting it in the technical hands of the uploader and putting it on your school system and then going into school early to print it off – try to hand it in during form time – it would get you out of that hell hole and it will make sure you hand your application in personally – it shows your dedication.

Next thing on the list is your prep for working life coursework – You have collected this from your form tutor, so you should have all the information to do it at hand! It’s almost done, though, so Heads Up and Keep on plodding away. It’s a hard life but you need to do it. You actually don’t have that much to go –you’ve done your letter of application and you’ve done the generic interview prep so you’re safe on that account but you still have to do your specific interview prep and your CV – you have the stuff saved on your computer and you can access the mark scheme though your history.

I would suggest you hurry up with this.

Next thing on the list is your geography conclusion and evaluation. These are the next bit of good news because they are over and finished! And you need not worry about them any more.

Instead you have about an hours work ahead of you to do on your extension and you know you love me for it. Still, I’ll tell you more about it later, if I get the chance.

The next thing on the list is you have to print off your French and Spanish speaking work. You have an exam this FRIDAY and you must learn it by then. There is no excuse. I’m sorry there just isn’t time for excuses. Make a list of it tonight and so you can do it for tomorrow in the lesson. More about that below.

You should also gather together all your speaking bits for both exams and you have a stroke of luck tomorrow, which unless I very much miss my guess is Wednesday – you are not being forced to do your practise speaking and can instead devote time and energy to learning and speaking your Spanish. Be advised – your clemency will last only as long as your preparation for your Spanish exam does – once it is over, in the words of Miss Patch, “You ARE [HERS]”. I would seriously recommend therefore doing a good thing and as soon as you finish Spanish, learning your French.

The next thing to do on my exceedingly long list of things to tell you to do, is Twenty minutes a night on SamLearning. Yes, it’s horrible. Yes, it’s boring. If you can get the extra grade it’ll ALL be worth it. Though it feels not a bit like it now.

The next thing – though not so important – is to find your Lord of the Flies copy or see about buying/perchasing a new one. You will not be given a new one in the exam and it is very hard to do an exam WITHOUT the set text to quote from.

Thing, the next – copy up your notes for English into your Lj. I would suggest doing no more than one poem at a time, possibly two if you’re feeling adventurous. It is, of course up to you.  

You should also put your French and Spanish questions and presentations online to help you moniter them – See if Arylett will help you learn it – since you have so little time left.

You must find your business studies coursework tonight. It is imperative that you do so, because otherwise that fail grade? Is looking right at your for it’s next victim.

You could also get together your equipment for exam season – you should have to hand the following.

-         Pens (Black ink ONLY)

-         Pencils

-         Ruler (a 30cm and a 15cm if possible)

-         A pair of compasses

-         A protractor

-         A calculator

-         Colour pencils

-         A sharpener

-         A rubber

-         And a selection of highlighters

Also you should have specialist equipment

-         AQA anthology

-         Lord of the Flies by William Golding

These two are for your English exams and therefore can wait for the weekend.

Using the case study revision booklets you have been given, you should try to work out which case studies you need – you should be able to theoretically copy them out of the text book straight onto the PC but we shall see.


Finish putting your exams on the calendar – you must rehang the calendar in the back hall so you have it ready for exam season proper.


Collect all school books together and place in the black wicker basket so you’ll be able to find it all.


A bag of rubbish, collected and established also wouldn’t go amiss as far as cleaning your room goes.


You must also correct your timetable to amend the fact you will not be sitting your Business Studies: Organisation exam because you did it last year. Thank heavens for small mercies, eh?

However, you will need to make a note of the fact that the Business Studies: Businesses Processes is your CASESTUDY exam which is about the horse clinic and the female vets. You should find that and see if you can copy it up somehow or find an online copy. Your Business Studies: Business Environment exam is all about exchange rates and other incredibly boring but necessary evils.

You should also put your homework for business studies online, which is, I believe, a worksheet to finish. Once again, the magical world of the Lj should help you with that~

Upload your exam timetable and make arrangements for it to be printed at school. I would suggest you also make/have a version of it which includes SEAT NUMBERS. Also, knowing your candidate number would be advisable – 5283 is your one, as I remember it, but check to make sure.

And send a copy of the timetable to your mum so she can keep track of it.

Start uploading your exam questions for English onto your Lj too, and the PDF/Not the normal files/the MSW document that you found yesterday online as well. It’s maybe not glamorous but it’s such as all a good idea if it helps you with revision. On the subject of English, take your crib sheet that you highjack from Miss Claffey’s classroom on C19th poetry and start filling that in, as well as working through the booklet you already have. It’s just a suggestion but perhaps getting them finished before Friday’s Lesson would endear you or at least prove you have something to gain. I wouldn’t seriously though, get hung up about it. Life is short, but lessons learnt make it longer~

Last but not least, I return to the subject of your Geography extension – I wouldn’t put it off.

You need to do the following

-         You need to count the number of house cards you have – 20/25 seems to be about right.

-         Make a question and a hypothesis – I PREDICT THAT THE HOUSES FURTHER AWAY FROM SLEAFORD’S CBD WILL HAVE A HIGHER VALUE THAN THE HOUSES CLOSEST TO THE CBD. And then explain how you arrived at this conclusion. Long, and taxing, but worth the wait.

-         Then you need to place them on a map with sticky pictures – again, the more you work at this the longer you’ll be productive at it.

-         Then you need to scattergraph the results – I suggest going to see Mr Stoner about this, since you’ll be seeing him tomorrow Period One. Makes sense, does it not? I would therefore recommend having the data already installed and on your homedrive.

-         Next you need to create a conclusion and an evaluation. Not to sound downheartening, but it’s unlikely you’ll get it done then.

You also need to email Arylett, and Elizabeth and you need to write a brief Lj entry during a break to explain what you are doing.

You have a hell of a lot of work ahead of you. I wouldn’t suggest you waste it.

This weekend?

Fanfiction write-up and pig out.


Work and school work. No choices.

This weekend you'll have time to do the following.

- create a revision timetable
- find the 77 successful habits book
- write the As of NCIS
- do a review of two pieces of music and a film
- do three posts
- finish the memes that are outstanding
- do business studies homework and business coursework



Okay, UBER quick post because I'm like running on borrowed time here.

Pfft, like I'm usually running on my own time....NOT.

Anyway, back on topic, Lixi, the other persona I have in my head (and there's a few now) made a lovely little collection of things that Ihave to do tonight.
And it's a GRUESOME list, though I do say so myself.

For this first hour -

I need to:

Tell mum that I need extra time and renocigote a later time - one should be a better time.

Finish locating all my houses onto my map.

Download my geography explanation file and do the first three things it tells me.

Start measuring distances from the market square to the houses and putting the data into the table.

Lixi's Nagging Me Again....I is NOT HAPPY.

Okay, we're being productive so far.

Evidence: Well, I've been productive which is good - I've put in plenty of work - done most of what I said I was going to do, so that's one to chalk up to the victory tally!

I've finished locating all my pictures and measuring their distances to the market square - with a little bit of 'artistic license' as they do say~

Now we need to keep pushing onwards and see where you can push through to.

You need to work right through till quarter to one in the morning to get the next part done which is -

Download the stuff you need from the archives at school.

Do he scatter graphs and make sure that you have a trend line - your analysis should explain this trend.