April 27th, 2009


Ri's Daily Moan

I dunno what's up with me these days.

I miss things, I can't concentrate, I have the attention span of a hyperactive three year old on sugar + a new toy and I have the need to sleep like it's going out of freaking fashion.

Oh yeah, my skin is flaring up again, on my fucking FACE and my knees are playing up and so is my back. I feel like I've forty and about ten minutes away from hitting middle-age. Trust me - sleeping on the floor does nothing for your back, or your knees. 

I have the knees of a football player from the forties, and a back rivalling my MOTHER'S . Who has had CHILDREN. And yeah, she's older than me. That sucks. Seriously, it does.

(Random: as off 23.22 of April 27th 2009, I made 3900 on last.fm. How cool is that?)

Aye aye...I want my back back and my knees to stop clicking...Oh, and while we're on topic - how about hair that never looks greasy, eyes that can SEE, a nose and sinus system that isn't permanently blockadeds, fingers that DON'T ache when it's cold, or raining and ears that can hear. Oh, and less fat would be nice, maybe with some real bone structure, and perhaps even a little taller, with a few less scars, and skin that DOESN'T make me look like a Zombie Woman from Shaun of the Dead.

Maybe a whole new body would be the easier option.....