May 8th, 2009


Before French Exam and After French Exam


’m writing this right before my French oral exam and I am absolutely bricking it.

I feel like I’m going to spew. And I need the loo. And I want to run screaming from this room and go somewhere interesting and NOT FRENCH RELATED.

But anyway.

Life sucks.

We’ll have to get used to it, I suppose.

I’ve just sat outside and reviewed as many questions as I could from the general conversation topics; but I know none of the Town Follow-up questions. I can feel the burning sensation already of the fires of hell licking at my heels.


…Thank you Lixi. It’s good to know that you have such faith in me.


What I think will happen:

Roleplay: Batshit craxy. It might go one way and I’ll do really well, or it might go the other way and I’ll bomb it something awful. Go figure out the odds of that.

Presentation: I’ll do okay here, I think. I’m pretty good with it, but not perfect. So maybe medium levels? Not too rough anyway.

Follow-up questions: Low to medium. I’m not going to do very well here. It’ll be really quite dicey, anyway.

General Conversation topics: Bugger.

So, all in all, maybe medium to low grades. D/C I’m hoping for, so I need to get my tenses right. Fingers crossed I can do that.

I’m taking my tie in, under the radar. It’s not very nice and it’s a bit childish (Alright, VERY) but…I just don’t need the stress to overwhelm me and the tie is always good to quell the stress. I’m a very bad person for having it.

Okay, I’m going to the bathroom, and going to make sure I can actually concentrate during the exam.

And then I shall come back and go.

Afterwards, I’m going to write up how it went and then we’ll be DRAMATICALLY sure of which grades I got.

Miss Patch is supposed to be helpful and really nice, so I have SOME hope of doing well.

Ah, well.

See you on the other side.




Fuck that was HARD.

…But let’s review before we get bogged down.

Roleplay: Went fairly to highly well. Didn’t do too much staring blankly at her and she wasn’t looking at me like I’d grown a second head so I think we’re good here.  

Presentation: Ergh. Mixed things up a bit, and ended up missing a bit I think, but other than that, It was okay. I think.  

Follow-up questions: Like I predicted; low to medium. Did get one, “You’re grown a second head,” stare, so I’m not too sure on what went wrong but I know something did.  

General Conversation topics: Again, like I said, bugger. The question said, SAY X and my brain went, “X is boring. Say Y instead and then maybe some Z as well!” It was like trying to restrain a TODDLER. And then would you believe it, dearest darling Lixi (ma savoir) – she pulled herself into my brain, spieled it off, and voila, a beautiful answer, tense and opinion correct~

So yeah. It was hard, fucking hard core, man. But at the same time, it was okay. I mean, I didn’t get lost completely, I managed to answer nearly all the questions.

I don’t think a C is completely out of my league. Not combined with my reading and listening and coursework scores at any rate.

My tie was very helpful, even though I almost had an asthma attack before I started. Could have been messy but I just got my inhaler (had to be ESCORTED incase I summoned up some notes going to get it.) and then just carried on my merry way. (was not feeling merry at the time, let me tell you). Felt like being sick.

Love you anyway.

And now I’m going to the bathroom because the stress has made me need it.

The things we do for exams


Star Trek and Pizza - A Godly Combination~

Ah fuck. It's half eleven at night, and I'm writing a journal entry when I should be in bed.

Go figure my sleep schedule.

I'm kinda nervous actually, to be going down with someone else. I mean, I'm not exactly known for my sense of direction, or my sense not getting lost - I've gotten lost in my VILLAGE before and we're going to LONDON. 

Yeah, the capital city and one of the biggest in the world. And I'm going THERE. If I get lost, I'm screwed.

But, also, I kinda want to see the film. Because, according to sources and my friends, it's supposed to be suitable for the people who've never seen Star Trek, and it's meant to be comic and a bit of a drama as well as EXPLOSIONS, OMG ZERO G, and there's the whole thing of INSERT MAJORLY GEEKY NERD TERM OF SCIENCE HERE.

So it should be fairly evenly balanced, or at least I hope so.

I made a sign that says, "Not With Them." that I'm taking down with me. I'm actually rather proud of it, if only because I made it myself. I'll have to see if they take some pictures or I'll just take one with my webcam maybe....Either or.

We're meant to be having pizza there, and I'm looking forward to that too, if only because it's Pizza Hut pizza that I haven't had in a long long time.

But there are my thoughts on it because I must now dash. So much to do, so little time.