May 13th, 2009


Writer's Block: Shhhh

Would you ever go on a silent retreat? How long do you think you could go without talking?
Hmm...Actually, I would like to try this one. I mean, it's something I'm going to find incredibly hard. I speak non-stop, either to myself or others.

I'm not fussy, like that.

But I'd like to see if I could be silent for a whole day, or even longer. It would be very weird to see how much human communication is based on Sound, and Visual - because one will have to compensate for the other. It would also be a chance to test just how well my resolve holds up under pressure. I don't think I'll carry around a sign, or something, but I will just...Be Silent.

But it's very unrealistic to say, "I'm going to be silent all day today," and then I end up at work, or doing a presentation at school, which kinda undermines the whole 'being silent' thing. Go figure on that one. Instead, I'd like to do it during the holidays sometime, and I'd allow myself three slips. I can speak THREE times, even if it's just a "Hi." Or a "No, thank you." And no more. 

It would be hard though, because my mouth has a mind of its own and it operates independently from me, a lot of the time anyway. I always end up shouting out answers or asking questions and querying things - from friends, school peers, or teachers so I would have to be REALLY self-disciplined to make it work. SERIOUSLY hard core, like man...

But yeah. I think I could keep it up for a day at least....