May 15th, 2009

Eye, green

Spanish, To Do List and Oh Fuck I'm Late To Bed Again


Okay, only a little entry today, because it's so late and I'm so tired.

Had my Spanish Listening test today and Holy Fuck, was it confusing or what? I got the last two questions hopelessly mixed up - I'm sure of it. But the rest of it, I'm quite positive about - a lot of it was just picking letters and choosing whether a statement was positive or negative or both. The only other one that confused me was a question on environmental stuff - it was all about what six kids thought people should do to preserve something and we had to pick what they were talking about; trees/countryside, traffic, water, air pollution, e.t.c. It was a bit like, 'o.o?! the first time they ran through it, but I hope I got it right - faith is something I need right now. 

I think I've done okay though, anyway - a C is almost certainly on the cards minimum - any more than that, though, will be a bonus.

Made myself a promise - I'm going to write some form of review on each of my exams after I do them, and maybe before as well, if I get time. It'll help when I look back and I can say, "Wow, look how nuerotic I was!" And I am.

Umm..let's see...I'm going to make a post about the prom and I'm going to make a post about my goals, because otherwise I'll kill someone for not reminding me [Lixi: I tell you - you don't listen. Don't blame me]

Shut up, Lixi.

I've also got to post a meme, send of a copy of the beta stuff to two of my betas and finish two writers blocks. And tidy something in my room, dispose of the rubbish, and finish Business and do some English essays this weekend. Oh, and make sure I have a copy of LoTF and the Anthology as well. Not to mention a couple of maths questions.

Bloody hell am I going to be busy or what?

Other than that, I'm good for tonight and I'm off to bed. It's very late and I have to be up at normal time.