May 22nd, 2009


A Week's Rundown - Inc. Firefox, and Bank Holiday Weekend

Ooh lord, it's been a busy busy week.... Exams, prom dresses and phone calls abound - I feel rather like I've gone through the wringer this week.

Let's see....

Oh yeah, I had a spontaneous combusting Firefox, which hacked me off no end - I HATE IE because it's like...going from lasers and high tech down to clubs and "Ug! Ugh!" Seriously, never go IE unless you HAVE to. Managed to fix it though - had to make it so it has NONE of the customisation I had on it the first time around - but I can work with it for now. It's by far better than NO Firefox at all, that's for sure. Only shame is I lost my history - five hundred days worth - that's over a year's history saved and remember - which I'm so pissed about - but it wouldn't start otherwise. I'll just work around it....

What else happened...

I broke 7,500 on and I'm not a Gunny anymore! Gibbs would be proud of me! I'm a Master Sergeant, and I'm looking to make a First Sergeant sometime this next week - or so I hope. I'm making my way up the ranks - but the last set was SO hard - I had to make from a Private or something to a Gunny which was from four thousand to seven and a half thousand - three and a half thousand! No wonder it took me so long...

What else can I add to my glorious entry? (I sound like Starfire)

Oh yeah - PROM! I found a couple of prom dresses - but my mum's friend Jackie - she has a few connections (DON'T ask - I'll send up sound like Rafrica - she's her kind of -please insert at least four types of relative- and that's just confusing) and she managed to lay her hands on an apparently really nice medieval ball gown - I'm going OLD TUDOR/ Elizabethan!style because I can't be arsed to compete with the Pancake Faces who will come in the most modern or classic ball gowns they can find and they'll all be like,

"OMG! What is she wearing, I thought I was the only one with a Gucchi handbag! Now we'll match and I'll look like a cheap knockoff!" "

"Oh my god, that is such a cheap dress - she's so pathetic..."

I figured that for a seriously reduced price such as no more than fifty quid I'm not going to be able to match them with a really decent modern dress.  I'll have to turn up in a cheap knock off or something along those lines and that's just....really embarassing and just a "Not happening." thing to do. 

So, I'm taking it out of their court and putting it in a whole new playing field - let's see them try to keep up with me NOW!

Hah. They'll never do it...

What else?

I'm not here for Sunday and Monday - I've got a uber busy schedule ahead of me!

Saturday is when I have to get all my clothes and stuff ready and make sure they're all washed and clean because...

Sunday - I'm off down to Jackie's with my mum! Jackie, My Mother, Jessica and I are heading for Milton Keynes and we're going SHOPPING for accessories for my dress. Fingers crossed it fits that is... Essentially, I get £30 and packed off in the wonderful world on Milton Keynes to search out some form of accessories - whatever they may be. Since it is prom season, there should be some nice stuff hanging around.

We're staying over Sunday Night, and then....

Monday, I'm off down to my grandmother and it's likely to be as stressful, if not more so, than last week - she's on new medication but....I don't hold out much hope. She's not in a very nice place at the moment, in her head.

Anyway, that's enough for now, I'm going....


Time (In Memoria)

Time - (In Memoria)

Count the numbers on the face of the clock,
One to twelve, and then count them again,

Time's running, swinging between numbers,
Racing down the side, falling in gravity

Then it hauls itself up the other side,
A demon returning from the pits of Hell

Pendulum rocks, to and fro,
Steel or wood, locked in motion

From left to right, and right to left,
Times is running away, then returning

Catch it, hold it fast in a failing hand
Time is neither friend, nor foe

Time is not fixed, it is flowing free
From time to time, up to down, inside to outside.

A concept, a though, a problem, a hated force,
A constant, a variable, a saver, a killer

Watch it move, feel it pass, touch it not
From what it was, it is no more,

To what it will be, it deviates, remains
It has no form, no substance, it has a shape,

It cannot be defined, here is the descriptions
It is without quantity, count the minutes, the hours, the seconds

Time is a thing, a being, a force, a god, an entity beyond us
It is our to capture and mould to our liking,

It has no sense, it is ours, his, hers, yours, mine, theirs, no-one's.
There is power, it is weak, it is nothing, it is everything.