May 30th, 2009

Soi Fong

Writer's Block: Folktales of the City

What is your favorite urban legend? Have you or anyone you know ever been fooled by one?
My favourite Urban Legend?

Gotta be all those associated with Area 51 - I fucking love Aliens and Area 51 if only because I love the idea of an alien/Government conspiracy - I mean, can you imagine the chaos it would cause it people found out we had been contacted by alien lifeforms and no-body was told?

The press would go WILD.

And also, we can't be alone.

In the millions of billions of trillions of stars and planets and solar systems there has to be another planet out there that can support life - the chances are just too small for a SINGLE planet in the WHOLE universe being the SOLE one capable of supporting life.

There's just NO way in hell that's true.

Soi Fong


There is a much greater motivation than simply my spoken words. For me to love, is to commit myself, freely and without reservation. I am sincerely interested in your happiness and well-being. Whatever your needs are, I will try to fulfill them and will bend in my values depending on the importance of your need. If you are lonely and need me, I will be there. If in that loneliness you need to talk, I will listen. If you need to listen, I will talk. If you need the strength of human touch, I will touch you. If you need to be held, I will hold you. I will lie naked in body with you if that be your need. If you need fulfilment of the flesh, I will give you that also, but only through my love.

I will try to be constant with you so that you will understand the core of my personality and from that understanding you can gain strength and security that I am acting as me. I may falter with my moods. I may project, at times, a strangeness that is alien to you which may bewilder or frighten you. There will be times when you question my motives. But because people are never constant and are as changeable as the seasons, I will try to build up within you a faith in my fundamental attitude and show you that my inconsistency is only for the moment and not a lasting part of me. I will show you love now. Each and every day, for each day is a lifetime. Every day we live, we learn more how to love. I will not defer my love nor neglect it, for if I wait until tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. It is like a cloud in the sky, passing by. They always do, you know.

If I give you kindness and understanding, then I will receive your faith. If I give hate and dishonesty, I will receive your distrust. If I give you fear and am afraid, you will become afraid and fear me. I will give to you what I need to receive.

 To what degree (amount) I give love is determined by my own capability. My capability is determined by the environment of my past existence and my understanding of love, truth and God. My understanding is determined by my parents, friends, places I have lived and been. All experiences that have fed into my mind from living.

 I will give you as much love as I can. If you will show me how to give more, then I will give more. I can only give as much as you need to receive or allow me to give. If you receive all I can give, then my love is endless and fulfilled. If you receive a portion (part) of my love, then I will give others the balance I am capable of giving. I must give all that I have, being what I am.

Love is universal. Love is the movement of life. I have loved a boy, a girl, my parents, art, nature. All things in life I find beautiful. No human being or society has the right to condemn any kind of love I feel or my way of expressing it, if I am sincere, sincerity being the honest realization of myself, and there is no hurt or pain intentionally involved in my life or any life my life touches.

 I want to become a truly loving spirit. Let my words, if I must speak, become a restoration of your soul. But when speech is silent, does a man project the great depth of his sensitivity. When I touch you, or kiss you, or hold you, I am saying a thousand words.  

by Walter Rinder



Live Blog!



2 Grand

Stavros Flatey


Julian Smith

Susan Boyle


Hollie Steel(?)

Shaun Smith

Alright, so Ant and Dec are just on stage and we're cheering like mad. Or at least, the audience is - I'm hearing my mother collide with objects and typing madly.

Like Dec says, "This is what we've been waiting for."

Now we're welcoming the judges, and I have to say Amanda looks amzing, that red dress looks awesome on her. Piers looks professional and Simon Cowell looks like Simon Cowell...

Ant and Dec look both very professional.

The prize of £100,000 and a performance in front of the Queen.

"I cannot wait!" says Amanda.

Piers is talking about how he's happy about the pressure on the rest of the world

And Simon's just said "I'm keeping my mouth SHUT!"

Ten acts, three Judges and three buzzers but one prize..."


Flawless -

"Chase the dream not the competiion!"

Whoo! One of my favourite people coming up.

Last time they were technically good, but they're promising electrifying.....

Peirs is saying the "Ulitmate Dance-off!" So this looks awesome!"

Here we go...

News paper is out...

They were good - seems as though they took a hint from diversity and they're telling a story with their movements. One of them seems to be a pap, and another one is using his foot as a microphone for a third one...

I have to say, I know that I shouldn't be as biased but they're bvery lackluster - I just feel as though there's not quite a much passion and much more presicon that i would have thought. It is a good finish though.

Amanda says, "You boys make me glad to be British!" and Piers says "One of the best in the world!"

Looks like everyone has a tough act to follow!


It’s Shaheen up now, and it’s just amazing. He has such a powerful voice and he sounds like a man’s voice coming out of his mouth! He’s dressed like a little Tom Jones and his voice is just booming out!

I hope he has a lot to give!

Amanda says, “It was amazing ...[]... Stronger and stronger every time.”

Simon’s saying, “I’ve been in two minds, [] about putting kids on, “ but he’s saying “win or loose, it’s been a great thing to happen to you.” “You’re in with a real shot of winning it!”

Aww...he’s so sweet and humble, “It’s been so great with the support!”

And the crowd is going wild wwhen they call his name... and there's lots of support for him. I agree - he is FINAL MATERAIL.



Next up, it’s Aiden Davis...

Simon said he was “Super super super talented!” and he’s got pound signs going

He’s so humble as well – I think that’s important in the children – and apparently he made his dad cry. I hope he’s not going to be another George Sampson though!

Here he comes...

He’s popping away right from the start to the rap music and he’s lipsynching and he’s looking good out there, and his moves going and he’s very confidently moving and popping joints all over the place... don’t see much difference than his previous performance.... He's certianly done well for a less than 24 hour turnn around though...

He does look cute though, I have to say! And he’s thanking everyone who voted for him and he’s  just telling about his day, and he’s only rehearsed three times! This is his 4th time on the stage!

Amanda says, “You’re a joy to watch!” and says he must have the birds lined up in the wings! And apparently he’s a “Superstar waiting to happen!”

Simon says, “it wasn’t as good as last night.... Whatever happens, you’ve got a huge future ahead of you!”

Piers, “from what where I sat, it was better than it was last night!” and he says he really enjoyed it.
Aww...he was a bit gutted about Simon but Ant n Dec have reassured him by using the public vote.

Aww....He’s crying...Must be really hard to be up there.



Next up is 2 Grand...

Grandfather and granddaughter...they made people cry last night, but I wasn’t feeling it.

“I think he’s very fragile and really emotional...I hope he doesn’t loose it tonight.” Ominous prophecy , Simon.

Tonight they’ve mde her look older nd Grandad’s singing, and she’s belting it alone and she’s sounding just amazing... Granddad sounds..shaky and unmistakably older. I admit, they’re not bad. She’s clearly out ranking him on the powerful rating and Amanda still looks at Piers as though she’s been vindicated. It’s sweet and cutesy. And very family fun, I just don’t think it’s final material, to be honest. People go wild about them but I’m not enamoured although I love how they stick it together.

Simon says, “I think you’ve got as far as you’re going to go...” And I agree.

Piers, “I’m just pleased you’re here!”

Amanda, “I do agree with Simon in that there are better acts tonight, but I’m glad you’re here.”

I’ve had enough of sob stories...I want some real action!


Next up s Hollie Steel and Stavros Flatley!


Hollie's Up first and I'm eagar to see what they're going to say...

Simon says, "officially the bravest girl in the world..."

Amanda says "I'm in awe of her!"

She says, "It's really really amazing to be in the final...!"

Let'sjust hope she doesn't bottle it out...

Ooh, she's singing Phantom of the Opera and it's actually quite good. Simon has pound signs in his eyes...and she's not bottling out again. And she's a little reedy and high but damn good, for a 10 yr old... The judges are just like O.O and she's like -concentrate on the back row... and don't cry!-

And she caps it off with the most perfect high note and the crowd gives her a standing ovation!

Piers up first, "You just sang absolutely beautifully! ...[]... You sounded like a little star and I loved it!"

Amanda says, "You look beautiul!"

And Simon says, "you were fantastic!" and he's bringing back memories her when she arrived and saying she's doing it through talent not pity!


Next is Stavros Flatley...

Simon says, "One of my dance acts!"

Aww...they have a special relationship...

they're promising to go ALL THE WAY!

It looks good... The son is out first but dad soon comes sprinting out!

Michael Flately eat your heart out! They're going all out to bring back memories of their old audition and they've got Irish dancers onset  and it's got the crowd on their feet and everyone is just going WILD for the father/son duo!

dad is asking mum if she set the DVD before she came out! the crowd is going wild AGAIN!

Apparently, they found the girls and they're much better looking than the boys but the dad is out breath

Amanda is saying, "You've been my secret favourites right away along!"

Piers is saying "Move over Ant and Dec!" and he's saying he'll join them at the the RVS! I'd pay to see that!

Daddy flately is saying that "I love you," to Amanda in Greek (She thought it was something dirty!) 
Simon apparently has some Greek according to daddy Stavros, because no-one is that cool and hasn't got a bit of greek in them!

Simon, "I thought it was absolutely sheer genius!"


Oh well....Let's post and see what's up next! Four Left...

Susan Boyle, Shuan Smith


Form a line, ladies indeed...Shaun Smith is up there!

Amanda says, "he's good looking and a good singer - girls everywhere will be voting for him!"

Simon says, "He's got to make himself memorable, and he's got to make himself a contender..."

Lets see what's happening..

He's singing his audition song, 'Aint no sunshine,"

The judges look a bit confused and the crowd is very quiet... Mum stop singing along....

And he's very powerful as a singer, but I'm not hearing Shaheen's sheer power in there - he's not as BELTING it as he was...Crowd still goes wild and people are still enjoyed it, apparently. I like this better than his semi song.

"I've enjoyed every second of it!" he says.

Simon says, "You wanted to give the performance of your life and gues what? You did!"

Piers says, "Great performance!"

Amanda says, "You ticked every box tonight, you're sexy and fantastic..." she likes him!

Amanda says he's got to watch the face because he won't be giving up the rugby!


Susan Boyle is up next...this should be interesting...

Piers says she's gone from being unknown to being the talk of the world...

she says it's a life long ambition.... Let's hope she can make it comes true.

And SHE'S gone back to her audition song, I Dreamed a's good but I'm not feeling it yet. I don't want to have burned out already - that would be tragic. Ah, NOW she's belting it! Simon looks much more reassured now. She's belting it out and I think Amanda's going to cry.  It's very powerful and she's much happier looking than she was yesterday, that's for sure. She's more confident and seems to stand there zand take it.

Another standing ovation!

Was it worth it, asks Ant?

"Well Worth It!" she replies! 

Piers is saying "That was the greatest performance in BGT History!"

Amanda says "You did it, girl!"

Simon speaks, "You could have walked away [...] win or loose, you had the guts to come back tonight and face your critcs and beat them!" and appaulse comes her way again! "I absolutely adore you!"

She just says, "Thanks very much..." she just looks like she wants to go backstage and have a cuppa!


Next up is Julian Smith and diversity..

About Diversity  -  I wonder if they're going to close it because they opened it! 


No, they're not!

Diversity are up first and they're going to be amazing, I hope! I have high expectations for these boys because they have been just awe-inspiring for the last performances done. 

I think that everyone else, has those same high hopes for them!

"It feels amzing to be in the final!"

"Diversity are such an amazing bunch of boys!"

Simon's worried that they might not top previous performances...."

I agree - with Ashley - "He who dares wins!"

Let's see!

It's is awesome - the beginning wasn't as strong but then they just excellent beyond all reasonable measure - they had buzzers and they  had superman, and they had just everything in place and it was perfect

Mum's making me move on....

Standing ovation for at least thirty or forty seconds!

Ashley is just amaz

I was blessed indeed! He was blessed to come up with those groups.

Amanda - "You practically rendered me speechless - your choreography is scond to none!" and she reckons they've blown Flawless out of the water!

Simon "All bets are off!" and he would give ONLY Di. 10s! "Sheer and utter perfection!"

Piers reckons Flawless just edged them! AHRGH NO PIERS BAD BOY!

I love their little phone thing


The sax player is up next and he's looking good according to Simon

"I just have to play the best I've ever played in my life! "

You go Julian Smith!

I love sax music - it's smooth and sexy and just....tasty music and I think Amanda is hooked already...Little smile at thecorners of her mouth and Simon's looking impassive - I dunno if it's good or bad...

He's such a little hippy/rock boy standing there, and I'm so excited for him...

He's playing the sax to his best and it's one SMOOTH note....Mmm..I love sax players and he's a good one!

Okay, Judges a minute!

"I just really wanted to round the night off!"

Simon, "You couldn't have done anymore!" and he wishes him luck

Piers - "the perfect way to end a perfect night" and says that it'sperfec

Amanda says, "You've got a long way darling!" -

He's apparently been pacing behiind the scenes apparently and fretting but he needn't have worried - he's just too cool for school!

Let's see who wins!


Live Results Show

Okay, Our Score Card for the Acts Tonight

Flawless - 10/10

Shaheen  - 9/10

Aiden - 8/10

2 Grand - 7/10

Hollie Steel - 9/10

Stavros Flatley - 10/10

Shaun Smith - 9/10

Susan Boyle - 9/10

Diversity - 11/10

Julian Smith - 11/10

So have have 2 10s and 2 11s - shows how close the competition is...

Who's it going to be?

I have no idea!!

We certainly have had an unforgettable time this weekend - and Ant and Dec are pleading for the people to vote and it should be good.

I wonder what the live tour is going to be like.

Amanda - it was world class tonight! 

Piers - He's already had people booking!

Simon - at least five or six were worthy according to him! It must be good

We have proved that Britian has got Talent!


Okay, it's a break and I'm not going anywhere  - just been threatened by Ant "Don't you dare go anywhere!".

But I am going shove some food down my neck because I'm hungry! See you in a minute!


Phone lines are closed now!

Flawless - We would be so honoured!

Shaheen - That's just unbelievable!

Aiden - It's just mindblowing

2 Grand - it owul djust be enermous

Hollie - make her heart melt

SF - it would mean everything for us

SS - it would be the absoluee dream

SB - a very humbling experience

D - something we would remember for the rest of our lives

JS - it would be just an unbelievable achievement

All the the acts are coming back on stage and I'm just willing the right people to have voted for the rigt people.
Everyone's looking really terrified yet exhilarated so this is so BIG!

Apparently we've voted in our millions...


They're going for the top three in no order - and it's so nerve wracking...

1st - Susan Boyle!

2nd - Julian Smith


3rd - WOOHHHOOO - Diversity!!! They got in!!!

Sorry - was screaming at the TV -

Oh come on - Its so nervewracking...

in 3rd place tonight - Julian Smith - that's so mean because he was good but he's not that good...


It's Susan Vs Diversity



The best person won - accordiing to Susan Boyle - the runner up - and she wishes them all the best!

The best team won!!!
Ashley's thinking he's in a dream - he can barely speak!

They're going to perform for us! Fucking A!!!!

Oh my god, I screamed when they did that - I was just like "WHOOOOOOO DI-BOYS!" Srsly...Fcking A man

Oh that was intense - the way they were ramping up the tension...I'm...just...oh my god

I'm going now - Back upstairs - mum wants the laptop back. ANd she's reading over my shoulder and trying to read the chatspeak.

She phails at it srsly....