May 31st, 2009

Soi Fong

Room Post

So, in a entry way back in the day, I mentioned changing rooms, right?

Change of plans.

Yeah, I’m quite good at shifting gears these days.

I was meant to be moving into my brother’s bedroom and he was meant to move into mine. And then well, he decided to go back to college and do his A-Levels. Well, I say that – I mean he’s saying he’ll go back to school – Lincoln apparently. Aside from the obvious fact that I highly doubt him to actually go and do it, he’s also insistant that he’s not moving out of his bedroom.

Anyway, Mum’s doing exactly what I wouldn’t and going around him.

And giving up her room.

I’m moving into her room, and she’s moving into mine. That means that I get the bigger room, and I get some awesome furniture into the bargain. There are some conditions though – none of which are too bad, but none of which are bloody fantastic either.

Condition one: The bedroom must be kept tidy at all times. If you know me, I’m a complete and utter slob – seriously, I am. I am not one by choice, might I add, I don’t enjoy being a slob. On the contary, I would quite like to keep a house neat and clean as a whistle. But you know, life NEVER goes according to plan. If it did, I would be married to someone like Orlando Bloom, be an excellent student, have no debts and be able to buy what and when I wanted. Not going to happen, any time soon anyway. But back on topic, if my ‘new’ room isn’t kept tidy, my mother will send me off to school and then will promptly shove all my stuff back in the small room. So yeah. KEEPING IT TIDY.

Condition two: The room cannot be extensively redecorated. Essentially, I cannot colour the walls in every colour of the rainbow. The wardrobes are huge, floor to ceiling, and there’s a massive mirror on the wall which I am refusing to unscrew – the thing weighs in at probably half my weight and its screwed to the wall. So that can’t be moved. My mum and I have agreed to change the colour of the focus wall, though, since it’s some dull turquoise colour and I really dislike it. So I am allowed to paint it – I’m also going to have to keep my posters on that wall since it is the ONLY viable wall space. And I’m forbidden to decorate it in some eyekilling colour.

Condition three: All furniture within the room, stays within the room. Noe xcelis veridn imdeos. But then again, I’m not going to argue. I bag the double bed – the biggest one and a huge wardrobe, a massive mirror and a beautiful chest of drawers. I’m really really not that fussed with this one. Though I am planning on moving things around, since the room won’t cater for a desk now. I’m shoving the bed underneath the window, and the desk should go where the bed is now. I hope. I shall add pictures of the new room, and my old one before I move out.  

There’s all the conditions I have at the moment, but things could change at a moments notice.

I want to have lots of posters I can switch around – and I want a new TV and place to store things – and I want a new cabinet for my DVDs and shite. I also want a whiteboard because it will help me keep track of things – which I am SO unable to do.

Best of all – I WILL HAVE A DOUBLE BED! Fuck yeah…


Exam Post

Week beginning Monday 18th May –


Monday – Afternoon – Maths (Non Calc.)

 Tuesday – Morning – English Lit. Paper

Wednesday – Morning – Spanish Reading

 Thursday – Morning – Food Tech Paper 1

 Friday – Morning – Business in its Environment.

Week beginning 1st June


Monday – Morning – Maths (Calc) 

Tuesday – Morning – English Language Paper One

Tuesday – Afternoon – Geography

Wednesday – Afternoon – French Listening 

Thursday – Afternoon – English Language Paper Two 


Week Beginning 8th June

 Tuesday – Morning – Geography 

Tuesday – Afternoon – Business Processes 

Wednesday – Morning – French Reading


 Week Beginning 15th June

Monday – Morning – R.E Paper 2

Friday – Afternoon – Food Tech