June 14th, 2009


I'm Beginning to Wonder Why I Bother With Titles...

Ah, been SO LONG since I updated with something not meme or meme related. 

What's been happening, since I last was on here....

I'm almost at the end of my exams - I have two more left to go and then I'm done. Completely. And as far as I know, I'm done for good fter that! The ones I have left are R.E on Monday, and Food Tech on Thursday, and I'm in for the Morning on Monday and the afternoon on Thursday. So I don't even have a full day in school left.

As for how they're going to...

Eh, Food Tech will be a doozy or a complete fuck up, depending on what kind of questions I get. And given that I'm sitting foundation, they shouldn't be too hard, since ninety percent of the people who sit foundation have the mental intelligence of a brick - excluding of course my friends and the occasional few who aren't.

It's very clear when you look at who takes what exams - most of the pancake faces and those who 'think they're too cool for school' sit foundation for almost every subject. I'm not even joking, it's almost a universal divide. I'm not saying they're stupid - there are some who sit one side or the other and who don't sit on the stereotype, it's just pretty much there to see.

Anyway, back on topic, food tech will be good depending on what I get for the question about bread. First of all, who the fuck designs an entire question on bread I'll never know, but we have a whole question on it which is about...I dunno between ten and twenty marks? A lot, in any case. I just think I'll have to muddle through it and see what I come out with.

Talking of foundation and higher, the system at our school is complete and utter bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit.

If you get lower than a C, you have to sit foundation. I made a D. Just. Now, I can see the logic in letting people who are getting Es and Fs and who won't make the C boundary grade sit the foundation and not the higher. 


Okay, St George's College of Technology, you want your place in the league tables, don't you?


I pulled out As and Bs through all the practise papers. I could even pull my grade up to a minimum of a C using the higher paper. Making me sit the foundation means I get limited to the C - E range. 

Great....You're setting me up for FAILURE because YOU WILL NOT JUDGE ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS.

So fuck you very much, school, fuck you.

About R.E - again, it depends on what questions I get. Personally, I'm not banking on a brilliant score but we shall see. Marriage and divorce, contraception and euthanasia and abortion and suicide, conflict and violence and the just war and the justice system....That's the kind of thing we get asked.

It usually goes like this,

"Describe a Christian Wedding!" (8 marks)

"Why are the vows important in a Christian Wedding service?" (7 marks)

" All divorces are wrong. Discuss this statement, giving your own opinion and reference Christianity in your answer."  (5 marks)

And that's just ONE topic. We have four of those, out of five topics. Meaning, I could answer on topics ranging from marriage to war to jobs to giving to charity, I think... 

BUT THEY INVARIABLY INCLUEDE TOPICS ON WHICH I AM NOT TAUGHT.... Jesus Christ, sometimes I hate these people. My R.E teacher who teaches me the afterschool R.E shit? DOES NOT KNOW SOME OF THE TOPICS BUT WILL NOT DEFER TO SOMEONE WHO KNOWS MORE.

Argh! Annoying teacher is annoying.

Also - I'm going to be bring ALL my shit from school home on Monday or Thursday which is a LOVELY thing to be doing because that's...five years of unorganised school shit? Ah fuck. Here's were Jasia has the edge over me....

She doesn't need fifteen minutes to find a file called "zzzsjdiehfnw" in folder called "Physics!" that is hidden in a section of folders under the umbrella title of "Some shit that needs sorting!"