June 24th, 2009


225 - ANGRY

I'm really quite pissed off again.

One, at the Local Library. 

They have sent me a letter, stating that I have over thirty quids worth of fines to pay + what they say is the RP of the books which is about forty seven quid. Seventy quid owed in total. Fair enough, not.

I have not received a single, "This book is now overdue."

I have not received any calls or anything making me aware of this.

On top of this, they renew the books twice, and then have the AUDIACITY to back charge me for the time when the books are due when they renewed them.

Not nice, not fair and not gonna pay. Court's the next step.

And two - at my mother. Again.

YOU have until I get back from the hairdressers to pay off the bill. Shame that, I'm working by what you told me. Which is MIDNIGHT. You cannot just cut off six hours of time from my deadline and then expect me to go, oh of course mummy, right away.