July 20th, 2009

Soi Fong


This is my poor computer. It's in the middle of being repaired with extra bits and pieces harvested from the old family computer. Oh, and the temperature can't be regulated very well inside so it has to have a removed cover. Poor thing - it looks like a Frankenstein baby PC~

And here you can see my computer screen, keyboard and mouse from an angle. I have two lolly sticks and a thermometer on the table. Plus two CD s for my webcam which I had to use to take these.

Here's the filing system, Exhibit A: That white and orange tube is a packet of rich tea biscuits. I got hungry.... And underneath the other pile, is a cardboard amazon box which is full of more papers. Lotta papers, I gotta sort.

This is hard to see, you might need to adjust your screens, but it's another pile of papers, and the looming green thing at the back is part of my wicker pen pot. And then the white tube/dispenser is a pot of cream for my skin and you can just see my TV edging into the picture on the left.

Oh, and this is me at the moment. Just washed my hair and it's looking awful, hence the warm fluffy blue hood. Oh yeah, and I found out I look crap from head on. So 3/4 profiles for me for now on! (Oh and don't you just LOVE the myspace look)