September 2nd, 2009


First day of school

So, what's going on so far then...

I have no money, thank you very much Mr Bank...

SO I have about four t-shirts and a pair of jeans. As my entire wardrobe.


Seriously, in two weeks, when I have my money - first splurge is on some more clothes - I HAVE NONE. Or rather five items to wear to school. Need more clothes is swiftly becoming my motto.

But anyway.

Tomorrow -

Empty bag out
Find some pens and pencils to put in bag
Put in notebook, fineliners and a ruler into bag
Clean shoes
Have breakfast
Take photographs of clothes and bag in the morning.
Find purse
Find facecream
Find deoderant
Find Knickers,
Find bra
Find socks
Charge MP3
Find keys,
Put a book into bag
Put notebook for plotting into bag
Check emails
Locate and put on Magik Knickers

Fare Thee Well, My Tie

Tomorrow I say Goodbye to an old friend.

It's been my comfort, my love and my joy for the last four years. It's my squishy ball of anger managment, and my cuddly bear of courage.

I know it's stupid. And I know it's pathetic. But it's helped, especially the last two years when all I can think about is my stress levels and my appalling hormones and how badly life sucked. Coursework, exams, teachers and friendships all became much more difficult and i didn't want to deal with it. It's almost automatic now. But I know it has to go. I know it does. It made me feel safer and reminded me of some much nicer times. When drama was only on the telly and I was free to hate all men.

But now, I'm moving on and growing up.

And childhood is being left behind now.