September 13th, 2009


Work Sucks.

Dear customers,

I am sick. I am very sick. I have a stonking cold and I sprained my rib. Yay. No idea where either of them came from, but they're both crappy and annoying. But I went to work, because I  A) I need the money and B) I'm not sick enough not to work. I'm just sick enough to not be able to do anything strenuous, like stock. Operating a till is fine, as long as I don't stretch. So is bagging as long as it's not too heavy or big.

Please do not do the following;

*Bang your hand on the counter right in front of me and say very very loudly, "Look Alive!" I am alive. Barely. It is annoying. Please go throw yourself down the stairs about ten feet that a way. Thank you.


* Be sexist. Because of my rib,  I cannot lift fourteen packs of Pampers nappies by myself. The big ones, with like forty eight/seventy two nappies in. I cannot. Instead, my co-worker, Gary, will pick up the packs, let me scan them and then bag them. Aside from the fact that this is standard practise - when there is only one customer, one worker will bag, and the other will operate the till - it just so happened that Gary was on my row of tills. He's a Photo-Boy; but he came to help me out. If it had been my manager, my co-worker Rebecca, or another Photo-Lady, it would have been the exact same process. Please do not be condescending and sexist, and say, " it too heavy for the girlie?"....

Being female =/= being unable to lift bags of nappies. On a normal day, I can lift a full case of them.

Today I cannot. I am the walking sick. Just be quiet, pay me my money and fuck off. Please.


* Accuse me of thinking your money is dirty. I am not. I sneezed all over my hands, and I have just sneezed germs all over them as well. I had to use the hand gel to clean my hands before I touched anything else, never mind your money. I wished to protect you from this cold since it is dire and horrible and make-you-sick-icky. Therefore I used the hand gel before I touched anything. Your money? Aside from the fact it is likely that most money is full of bacteria from living in numerous purses/wallets/handbags, being touched by hundreds of hands, being dropped on the floor, being lost in the car and just general debris, I have no issue with your money. A twenty pound note is a twenty pound note. I'll put it in my drop box, and give you change.


* Also, speaking of that drop box - I am not taking your money for myself when I reach down behind the counter. Any notes that are twenties or above, or if I already have six fives and two tens in my drawer must go in that dropbox. It is a store requirement because it means that if God Forbid someone does try to rob me, he will only get a maximum of fifty pounds plus change from me. From my entire till row, (there are four tills in a line on my counter) that means a robber will only get two hundred pounds plus change.

Given that today when they listed the transactions done on my till, it came to over a grand's worth of transactions, and I work in in the not-very-expensive area - upstairs - this means that this policy is important. Downstairs the average is almost two and a half grand.

I cannot open the drop box. I cannot retrieve the money after you said, "Actually, can I have that back and pay with two tens?" I have no key. Only the cash office do. Do not look at me with a dirty look, say, "Well, that's stupid..." and stomp off. It will make me roll my eyes when I am sure you have gone.

A worker got fired this quarter for failure to follow money guidelines and handling regulations in another store - I have no wish to follow.


* I have no problem helping you, or at least going to find someone who knows better than I - example, in Photo since I know nothing about it. However, I require you to at least attempt to get my attention. Standing behind me when I am placing Ad.Card applications in their display boxes, will not make me aware of you, since I'm not usually concentrating on people standing five plus feet away from me. I work in retail, and I go to school. Five plus feet could mean "I'm waiting for someone," or "I'm looking around," or "I'm just examining this dress," or "I'm on the phone, listening to a very complicated message." You stood there, one elbow on the side of the display of dresses and your other hand in your pocket. You kept trying to get eye-contact, I think, but following me with your eyes and not saying anything is creepy rather than an "I need some help," sign.


* Make some attempt to get my attention but be nice about it. Say, "Miss?" or "Excuse me?" or even, "I'm sorry to bother you, but..." . I will always help you out as best I can - going to get something for you, checking the back, or finding you a person in the relevant department, or showing you where something is such as baby nappies, oil or photo albums. I don't mind. I get paid to do this! However, I take offense at the following -

Grabbing my shoulder is not nice nor appropriate. I am not a dog or a member of your family. I could forgive you if it was a light touch, or someone I know, but I don't know you. I am alone, it is very quiet in store at the moment, and my nearest co-worker is in photo about forty feet away and there is a wall behind me. You are a big guy - and I am very little at five five. The first thing I will do is brush your hand off my shoulder and step to the side where there is a clear path to the sight of my co-worker. Who can now see me and you and will therefore be aware of any situation that transpires now.  I will be only polite - but you hurt me by pulling on my ribs and it was rude.

* Also on that note - please speak  up. I cannot hear you with this cold. I mean, I can hear if you speak slightly above normal but any less than that, I'm screwed. When I ask you to speak up, I mean speak up. I do not mean, "SPEAK. LIKE. THIS." I am slightly hard of hearing at the moment. Not deaf or stupid.