November 16th, 2009


To do list

Clean Bathroom and hoover it
Clean Fridge
Clear Worksurfaces
Do washing up
Clean the casserole dishes
Clean the slowcooker
Take casserole out of freezer for Lunch
Mop kitchen floor
Clean and wipe desk
Hoover Living room
Do four loads of washing (including uniform)
Hoover bedroom and bed
Clean off chest of drawers and bedside table
Clear up piles of papers
Clean out other fridge
Wash living room, bathroom, kitchen and living room windows

Magnificent Monday ~Crabby kitchen!
Level One
Clear and wipe worksurfaces
Empty and wash out the bin.. make it smell sweet!
Level Two
Wipe all appliances.. large and small
Wipe over units and kickboards
Sweep and mop the floor
Level Three
Sort and organise all the drawers in these rooms!..

Thoroughly clean the fridge
Wipe the table.. does it need a clean cloth

  1. Clean filters and doorseals!
  2. Wash the windows if they need it
  3. Clean/descale a small appliance.. shake the crumbs from the toaster.. defuzz the kettle... de-mank the microwave
  4. Scrub out the oven and hob
Tuesday Terrors! ~ Bathroom of Doom and Cruddy Study and Lost Landing!
Level One
Declutter all the floors!
Empty all the bins
Level Two
Set computer to defrag then clean the bath and loo and tiles and basins and toilets and showers and bidets etc
Wipe over any chairs etc
Polish the pc/lappy
Level Three
Clear a box of clutter from the landing and a hotspot from the study
Vacuum/mop all the floors
Wipe over and dusty paintwork

  1. Wash out the bins after emptying
  2. binbag dance in these areas
  3. Wash any windows in these areas that are in need
  4. Catch up on a couple of phone calls! (tax credits tax credits ra-ra-ra!!!)
Wednesday Wishy-washy ~ Living Room, Hallway and Stairs
Level One
Declutter floors.. in all these areas!
Sort through the coats and bags and shoes.. who needs what for winter and back to school? What can you fling?
Level Two
Clear the mantle and a hotspot and replace only what should be there!
Wipe and water any plants and dust and deweb!
Vacuum the floors!
Level Three
Empty a cupboard or drawer and fling all that is no longer needed and rehome anything that shouldnt be there!
Wash any soft furnishings
wipe all the paintwork and all the doors!

  1. Wash the windows if they need it
  2. Binbag dance.. fling that rubbish!
  3. Polish any mirrors and pictures and glassware
  4. replace any dead lightbulbs in the house.. and test those smoke alarms!!
Thrilling Thursday ~ Master bedroom!
Level One
Declutter the floor and vacuum it!
Empty the bin and take ALL the dirty laundry to be washed!
Level Two
Strip the bedding wash and replace... BEFORE bedtime!!!
Vacuum and turn mattress if it hasn't been done in a while
Empty the wardrobe.. and put back ONLY the stuff you WILL wear and that fits.. no 'oh I'll fit in that one day'.. no 'I'll save that just in case' .. GET FLIPPING RID!!!
Level Three
Dust and deweb
Sort through your underwear and get rid of the dead stuff!
Put away all the toiletries and make-up left lying about

  1. Wash windows
  2. Wash any other soft furnishings.. curtains etc
  3. Put away all the shoes
  4. Tidy a shelf or drawer
Frantic Friday ~ a bit of it all!!
Level One
Empty and thoroughly clean out one cupboard!
Clear ALL the hotspos in one room!!
Level Two
Declutter & vacuum a floor.. preferably your messiest room! Has to be one you've not done this week
Find 20 things from each room to throw in the bin!
Sort through the linen cupboard.. do you REALLY need it all?
Level Three
Sort through one cupboard of clothes and fling all that is no longer vital
Fill a binbag for charity shop
Tidy a book shelf

  1. dust and deweb anywhere that needs it
  2. Wash any grimy windows
  3. Tidy out your handbag/s
  4. Empty ALL the bins in the house!
Weekend Wist
  1. S&S kitchen
  2. S&S bathroom
  3. binbag dance
  4. find 25 things to ebay/sell/freecycle
  5. photograph said items.. run updtes for turbolister or auctiva.. whatever you use
  6. Wash any neglected bedding
  7. clean out smelly pets
  8. Wash any filthy windows
  9. Clean the porch
  10. shine any mirrors
  11. Fill a binbag for charity shop
  12. Sort through a toy box.. get rid of anything broken or outgrown
  13. HH-something of your choice.. study or gardening.. not sitting! lol
  14. deflea and pets if they need it.. I forget to do mine frequently until someone gets bit
  15. Clean out the car!!!!!