February 25th, 2010

Eye, green

273 - To Do List

Sort both Inboxes
Email Lett
Email Rebecca
Email Juliette
Email Arylett
Email Dannii & Leanne
Review ten stories
Write drabble on Transformers - Car Responses
Write Journal Entry
Do five memes
Makes notes on Equus
Do twenty writer's blocks
Charge mp3
Check whether the library has - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest / A Clockwork Orange / Zigger Zagger / The French Lieutenant's Woman /  Five Finger Exercise / The Royal Hunt of the Sun / Black Comedy / The Battle of Shrivings / Amadeus / Whom Do I Have The Honour of Addressing? / Animal Farm / Nineteen Eighty-Four
Make a List of songs to Download
Type up the Sladin X Drabbles
Post/Comment on fifteen communities
Print off Bus timetables and class timetable (amend timetable to Friday's Lesson being at two and the different buses)
Check whether or not the train is running on Saturday. 
See Mary Peeling
Find out names of books from the library.