February 26th, 2010

no, donna tardis, TIMELORD, doctor who

Aye Aye Aye....

So, right now, life is a cross between crappy and okay. More like... crakay.

Anyway, in the next few weeks, I have to - change over my bank account, go for my asthma clinic, get two different sets of injections - HPV and all the other assorted ones that seem to come with the whole 'Getting Older' deal. I also need to do my Equus coursework, finish reading The Kite Runner, finish my assessments for all the learning disabilties, do my sociology homework and project, sort my emails, go shopping, go to work, get my NUS card, get my passport, get some new clothes, meet Dannii and Leanne in town, celebrate Arylett's birthday with her, send Arylett her birthday present and assorted items, clear out my bedroom, put my list of things to buy in my Accounting Book, sell some books, clear out my clothes, take a load of stuff to the charity shop, buy some DVDs, arrange a holiday to America, arrange a passport, save money.

All this while of course, existing in this time and space continum. Gotta go.

Don't cha just love going to do stuff?!