April 28th, 2010

289 ♣ Sociology to English to Work for Nothing

Okay, so my Sociology teacher is finally coming back today - fingers crossed she'll have got over Malaria because quite frankly that would just be the crappiest end to my year EVER if she came back with it and gave it to me - she'll be teaching by tomorrow so hopefully I can go and pick up my ELT for Easter.

Blergh, I don't want to email her about it but I have to.

Or I get no ema, have to redo all the work after class and will generally be very miserable for a very long period of time.

So, all in all not bad just scary.

Also, I just have to go do this and also finish my essay on the Kite Runner. Poetry though today in English Literature,  so that should be alright - we're doing Hardy I think at the moment, and he is very depressing. His wife died after years of enstrangement and he chooses then to get back into her by writing poetry. Not a positive sign ladies! Hardy, I have one tip for you - you should have stuck to being an Architect - you suck rather badly at writing nice poetry.

Anyway, my list of things to do include the following -

- the gapped essay on ethnicity mentioned above
- the information on the four sociologists (which was set in Monday/Tuesday lessons this week - Wright, Mirza etc)
- your notes on ethnicity and achievement from last week; patterns of achievement for particular ethnic groups, internal and external factors (you will need to explain, not just list) and the work of 3 sociologists on this area.
- your 2-3 newspaper articles for your scrapbooks, ANNOTATED, linking it with sociological ideas. For instance "This article is showing that....which supports such and such's idea that..."
- your Easter ELT (completed revision activities on hand-out and proof of revision over Easter of a different mini-topic)
- Essay on the Kite Runner.
- Hand in application form for BHF
- Redownload and sort emails
- Retag all journal entries
- Repaint the one awkward nail that refuses to spontaneously dry and insists on leaving me hanging out to dry. (Pun not intended)