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281 ♣ 5 References to Suicide

In less than five minutes, I have to go and meet my tutor Alex about the last week I had. Excellent, I have to go and explain what went through my head when I didn't phone in from school and what the hell I was thinking when I thought about eating the medicine cabinet, jumping off a bridge into oncoming traffic and just generally heading for the the Big Easy in the Sky. I also have to explain why I did what I did and for whom.


Wonder if I can start by explain that no, I wasn't suicidal. I was just thinking of sticking one up to the big man at the top, and spending a very long period of time in a very hot and sulphur-y place, according to the Catholic Church.

You know... Perfectly rational and normal me...

Argh, fuck it.

I'll see you later. If, of course, I don't see a broken window and decide that actually, yes, my blood does look dashing on the ground. All eight pints of it, making the floor rather slippery.

Tags: bad week, college, punishment, suicide
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