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292 ♣ Reviews, Boredom and To Do List


Let's take stock...
I have officially joined Twitter! Yay! Not. I succumbed, even after slating it for weeks and months, I am now an officially twit. Go figure on that. I appear under RiRayner I think it is, so if you want to add me, go crazy and do it. I think I'll create another one for my fanfiction - to provide updates on when I can actually get my brain around posting new chapters and new work. 

Let me see. What else... I got a really weird review the other day, which I'm going to reply and I have had it with all people who cannot spell. I'm not talking one or two little spelling errors here and there. It's hard to catch it all and it's even harder when you're typing at speed on a website that's maybe not got the best fonts. I'm talking at the people who don't know the meaning of punctuation, who can't use any form of grammar and who think I should take illiterate as a third language. I don't have time to sit there for forty minutes deciphering what is essentially, a huge wall-o-text with all the properties of the language of a two year old.

Example: this was a review that was dropped on my story:

i like dis storee, but it could be beter thou if u ad more cqhis and wyat!!11!!!1!!1

Translation: I like this story, but it could be better if you added more Chris and Wyatt...

Which one was easier to read? I don't have time to sit and patiently go through each and every sentence working out what they say. I'm on a deadline here... My poor story... I don't think it's recovered yet from the six reviews that got dropped on it yesterday all pretty much the same as the one above.

In other news, Rebecca. I'm going to not say anything else, but oh god. The loaded word is there. Rebecca...

Also in other news. I have been quite productive on the fanfiction front but that's slightly annoying because I have revision to do, and I hate it. Blergh. It's called procrastination. I do it well.

I have to go to Psychology now, but I also have to remember to find my Othello and bring that back in tomorrow, to read through Curious Incident, tidy my room tonight and to start some revision for Sociology. Joys of joy...
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