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294 ♣ Psychology Homework

The information proccessing approach likens human processing to that of a computer, with the focus on the cognitive processes such as perception, attention and memory. The information proccessing approach to cognitive development is sometimes described as a Neo-Piagetian approach because it specifies key changes in the way informtion is processed as children develop. However, information processing theoriest differ from Piaget in that they do not agree that these changes reflect qualitatively different stages in the way that children think. Instead they see these changes as quantitiative ones that lead to increased efficiency which affects the way children appoach cognitive tasks.

Research the work of i) Bee (1997) and ii) Flavell et al (1966) - memory enhancing strategies and be able to teach it to the class.

Research the work of Siegler (1976) into problem solving strategies and be able to teach it to the class.

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